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July 12, 2:33 PM ET
Talk MLB with Jayson Stark!

Jayson Stark
  (1:00 PM)

Hi, everyone. Is that Home Run Derby over yet? While we check on that, let's get going.

Parrott: NY

Do you see the Mets being able to move Tom Glavine, and how much value do you think he has?

Jayson Stark
  (1:02 PM)

I keep hearing the Mets are open to trading Glavine. But he has a total no-trade. So he holds every card in this deck. I was told he would only agree to go to Atlanta or some team in the Northeast. So his market would be very limited.

John (NYC)

How well do you think Schilling is going to do out of the pen. He could make or break the Sox

Jayson Stark
  (1:04 PM)

I think this has to work, because Curt Schilling - as much as any player I've ever covered - loves the Big Moment. And by pitching at the end of games in a pennant race, that makes every inning he pitches one of those moments. When he gets strong, he also can be a guy who can serve as his own set-up man, because he certainly doesn't have that classic one-inning closer mentality. But they know they have to ease him in and allow him to get healthy. And maybe an even bigger question, if he can't start again this year, is who replaces the Curt Schilling they once expected to return and be the dominator in that rotation in September and October?

Gerry (Cincinnati)

Jayson, Jim Bowden is at it again, making agressive trades before the trading deadline, do you see him as the permanent GM for Washington and how about executive of the year?

Jayson Stark
  (1:06 PM)

I think Jim Bowden is the executive of the year in the National League so far. But even he couldn't tell you if that is enough to let him keep his job. We still don't know who will own this team, and that will be a call made by the new owners. Those Brian Cashman rumors sure don't die. I know that.

Greg, San Francisco

What would it take to get AJ Burnett? And would the Marlins be willing to trade him within the division-ie the phightin sillies?

Jayson Stark
  (1:08 PM)

The Marlins have a tough call on whether to trade Burnett or not. It's tough to trade a guy with his kind of stuff if you can't be assured of having Josh Beckett healthy. And for the last few weeks, Beckett hasn't been able to stay healthy for more than a few innings at a time. The Marlins are trying to follow the same model they followed last year when they traded Brad Penny: We'll trade somebody you'd never think we'd trade, but only if we get multiple pieces back you never thought we could get back. And they'd be doing it not to sell but to win now. So a lot of things have to come together for Burnett even to get traded.

Robert (Atlanta)

Jayson, I noticed you said that Tom Glavine would aprove a trade to Atlanta or a team in the NE. What are the chances Atlanta would take him back?

Jayson Stark
  (1:11 PM)

With both Hampton and Hudson coming back, and the prognosis on John Thomson looking better, I don't see the Braves trading for a starter unless they have more breakdowns. And Glavine's option for next year - which he'll certainly vest - is too big for them to afford.

Dave (Boston)

Hello Jayson. I was wondering what the latest news on Jason Schmidt. Is Sabean still asking for an entire farm system? He is still on the block? Any takers?

Jayson Stark
  (1:13 PM)

You have to understand the Giants' position. They're not a team ready to blow it all up and rebuild. They're still committed to an aging nucleus, built around Barry Bonds, through next year. So their m.o. is to win - if not this year then certainly next year. Which means that if they trade Schmidt, it has to position them to win, not rebuilt. That's why the price is so high. They would want a potential ace-type starter back, plus other pieces. If Schmidt pitches well, they'd just as soon keep him. And if he doesn't, he isn't worth what they're asking. So I'm very doubtful he'll be moved.

Brad (Ottawa)

Hey Jayson. Does JP do aything to try a replace Halladay considering how well the Jays have hung in the race or has it always been about the next few years for the Jays, with this year being a preview of things to come?

Jayson Stark
  (1:15 PM)

I think what Halladay's injury does is turn the Blue Jays into sellers. And that could make Ted Lilly as attractive as any starter available. They'll also try hard to move Orlando Hudson to an NL team. And there's some interest in their bullpen cast, too, although I don't expect them to trade Miguel Batista.

Mark (San Francisco)

Hey Jayson, can you please answer a Brewers question? Is there any chance Melvin will make a trade at the deadline to pick up another bat and make a run at the Wild Card? If not, are we going to at least snap the 12 straight losing seasons?

Jayson Stark
  (1:17 PM)

I talked to Doug at the Futures Game, and he continues to say he doubts he will do anything dramatic. They're too far out to make a run at the wild card. But he isn't ready to be a major seller, either, because he thinks they're capable of finishing at .500 - and that's a bigger deal to them than anyone outside of Milwaukee will ever understand. So Lyle Overbay isn't going anywhere. You can forget any rumor you hear on him.

Adam (Chicago)

Hi Jayson. I am a displaced Twins fan in Chicago. Outside of Cubs fans, there isn't anything White Sox fans hate more than a Twins fan in Chicago. Anyway, I was wondering what your thoughts were on the Twins' acquisition of Bret Boone and whether you think this means the end of their search for help in the infield. I have heard rumors of interest in Joe Randa and Mike Lowell. Any truth to those?

Jayson Stark
  (1:18 PM)

I don't think the Twins are done by any means. Even though they have a better record than they had last year this time, they're not happy with how they've played, especially in the infield. I definitely look for them to upgrade at third base. And someone like Randa would be a perfect fit.

Scott (cincinnati)

hey, Jason what are the chances that the reds will trade adam dunn?

Jayson Stark
  (1:20 PM)

I talked to a team the other day that thinks the Reds will trade either Dunn or Wily Mo Pena. They don't want to deal Austin Kearns. And Griffey is saying he'll block any trade. But if they allow a bidding war to build on Dunn, he's as intriguing and attractive as any bat on the market. And they HAVE to retool that team.

Matt, Philly

I gotta wonder why the Rockies wanted Byrnes. Is this in preparation for a trade with the Yankees involving him and Chacon?

Jayson Stark
  (1:23 PM)

The Phillies are in an almost impossible position. They're too close to give up. But they don't have enough dealable prospects to get what they need. So the center of this quandry is Wagner. I can't see him being there next year. So maybe the way to go is to see what they can get for him, because if they dealt him, he'd have the biggest impact on his new team of any player or pitcher available. But if I were Ed Wade, I would make it clear I was only doing this to win now, not rebuild. If he got them a big-time starter, or brought the prospects they could deal for one, they ought to think about it almost no matter where they are in the standings.

daniel (houston)

i keep hearing about the astros needing to acquire another bat.Who would be someone to astros might be looking at?

Jayson Stark
  (1:24 PM)

The Astros can be a real player at the deadline if they continue to play well, because they have money to spend that Carlos Beltran turned down last winter. I hear they've backed off on Kevin Millar. But Adam Dunn is right there in the middle of their radar screen.

Zach (Nashua, NH)

Jayson, Seems like the Yankees have been pretty quiet on the trade front thus far, I'm a bit suprised they did not try to make some kind of move before opening this 4 game series with Boston. What are you hearing about their activity? Thanks

Jayson Stark
  (1:28 PM)

Sorry about that Chacon question. It was supposed to be an answer to a Billy Wagner question. Now . . . on the Yankees, the reason you've heard so little about them is that they have so little to trade. Brian Cashman has taken a firm stance against including Robinson Cano, Eric Duncan or Wang in any trade for an older player. So their options are very limited. They're also divided about whether their big need is a CF or pitching. If Cory Patterson is available cheap enough, that's a guy to watch. But I don't see Griffey going there. And Randy Winn is just a fallback. The fact that you hear them connected with pitchers like Shawn Chacon tells you how little they have to trade for any pitcher with a high profile.


Are the Indians looking to make a move? They really need another big bat, do they have the trade bait to gett Dunn? Thanks.

Jayson Stark
  (1:29 PM)

The Indians, from what I've heard, want to trade for a bat - but only if it's a difference-maker. Adam Dunn fits that description, but he's also lefthanded. And they almost have to deal for a righthanded hitter. So they're still shopping, and waiting to see who might become available.

Jayson (Chicago)

Will GM Hendry pull off any big deals for the Cubs? How about one of the Red's outfielders? If Dunn might go to Houston is there a chance the Cubs could get him?

Jayson Stark
  (1:31 PM)

The Cubs have enough prospects to make multiple deals or a major deal. The question is whether they're serious contenders. They're like a bunch of teams in this respect: They want to see where they are in two weeks. If they draw closer in the wild-card race, they'll be significant buyers. And Dunn figures to interest them in either case, because he's not a rent-a-player. He is someone who would fill a long-term need.

Miggy (Kalamazoo, MI)

What are the chances the phils might find a taker for Thome and go with Howard at 1B.....seems like 2 players going in opposite directions. I find it hard to believe Thome is finished, but is it possible?

Jayson Stark
  (1:35 PM)

There were some rumblings at the All Star Game that the Phillies were now open to trading Thome. But how could he possibly have less value than he has right now? He still has about $48 million, and three-plus years, left on his contract. So they'd have to digest so much money, it would be almost impossible. I don't think Thome is done, and I can't find many other people who do. He was having a great spring before he hurt his back and hasn't been the same. So they have no choice but to wait on him AND keep Ryan Howard in case he never gets healthy at any point this year (though that isn't the prognosis). It's a classic Phillies dilemna.

Jayson Stark
  (1:36 PM)

Sorry. I only have time for one more.

Aaron (Washington)

Should the Orioles go for broke this season? What are the chances the Yanks are going to have anothr down year like this? Should they trade away prospects for verterans or remain quiet and keep their prospects?

Jayson Stark
  (1:38 PM)

I think they should. They have one of the best lineups in baseball, a great closer and a real opportunity to win. They have more ammunition to make a deal than the Yankees. And they know exactly what they need. But they're reluctant to make a big deal for a rent-a-player, so they'd want to sign someone like A.J. Burnett before they traded for him, and I wouldn't be optimistic that Burnett will sign anywhere before testing the market. Beyond him, I don't think anyone else on the market qualifies as a true ace. But that could change in the next two weeks.

Jayson Stark
  (1:39 PM)

Thanks to everybody who participated. I'm sure we'll be doing this again between now and the deadline. Should be a fascinating couple of weeks.