Updated: Oct 14, 2009, 5:40 PM

Quiz: Baserunning

Quiz If it's this hard for the pros, how well do you think you'd fare?

Jeremy Giambi's failure to slide. Fred Merkle's inability to touch second base. Dave Roberts' breathtaking steal. Big-time baseball games are usually won by great pitching or timely hitting, but occasionally, baserunning takes center stage. This postseason, it seems as if even the best baserunners are having more than a little trouble navigating the 360 feet around the diamond. With that in mind, ESPN.com's baseball experts have come up with a quiz on the intricacies of running the bases. From the correct way to execute a hit-and-run to the backstory behind foul lines, we've got it all covered. How much do you know, SportsNation?

Test your knowledge with our baserunning quiz!



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