Updated: Mar 26, 2004, 6:21 PM

Quiz: Final Exam - Barry Zito

Zito shakes off a bad answer.
All week long on SportsCenter, some of the biggest names in sports will be taking their Final Exam. You can test your sports knowledge by taking the exact same quiz as Brett Hull (Sunday), Joe Horn (Monday), Clinton Portis (Tuesday), Jason Taylor (Wednesday), Barry Zito (Thursday), and Priest Holmes (Friday).

Just how much does Barry Zito know about Jeremy Roenick's injury? Has Clinton Portis been paying attention to the baseball headlines? Does Priest Holmes know which team has Mark Cuban as an owner?

Start off by taking Barry Zito's quiz below. Barry wasn't allowed to use the internet or look up the answers, so neither are you!

Check back each day this week for a new quiz and be sure to watch SportsCenter to see which athletes pass their Final Exam!

Final Exams: Brett Hull | Joe Horn | Clinton Portis | Jason Taylor | Priest Holmes



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