Rank 'Em: Unbreakable Records

Created: March 16, 2009, 1:06 PM

The cliché goes in sports that records were made to be broken. But some records are so monumental, it is hard to imagine an athlete or coach ever approaching certain historical marks. This especially holds true in the NFL, where the specialization of the game, the need to win immediately and the high risk of injury all make it that much harder to break certain records.

With this in mind, NFL.com has come up with a list of the "Top Ten Records Never to be Broken." From Derrick Thomas' single-game sack record to Brett Favre's consecutive games-played mark, from the 1972 Dolphins' undefeated run to the 1976-77 Buccaneers' 26-game losing streak, these records often represent the best, and at times the worst, the game had to offer.

Check out the video highlights of all the records and then re-rank NFL.com's list!

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Shula's career wins
NFL.com ranking: No. 1
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Unitas' consecutive games with a TD pass
NFL.com ranking: No. 2
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Favre's consecutive games played
NFL.com ranking: No. 3
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Buccaneers' losing streak
NFL.com ranking: No. 4
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Hutson's TD-leading seasons
NFL.com ranking: No. 5
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49ers' road wins
NFL.com ranking: No. 6
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Landry's coaching seasons
NFL.com ranking: No. 7
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Undefeated 1972 Dolphins
NFL.com ranking: No. 8
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Graham's championship appearances
NFL.com ranking: No. 9
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Thomas' single-game sacks
NFL.com ranking: No. 10
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  • Don Shula records 347 career coaching wins in the NFL.
  • Former Baltimore Colts quarterback Johnny Unitas goes 47-consecutive games with at least one touchdown pass.
  • Former Dallas Cowboys head coach Tom Landry coaches 29-straight seasons in the NFL.
  • Brett Favre records 256-consecutive starts at quarterback.
  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lose 26-straight games from 1976 through 1977.
  • Former Green Bay Packers wide receiver Don Huston leads the league eight times in touchdowns.
  • The 49ers win 18-consecutive road games.
  • The Miami Dolphins go undefeated in 1972. They finish a perfect 17-0.
  • Cleveland Browns quarterback Otto Graham makes ten-straight championship game appearances.
  • Kansas City Chief Derrick Thomas records seven sacks in one game against the Seattle Seahawks.