Rank 'Em: NFL Power Rankings

Created: October 9, 2007, 10:37 AM

Tony Romo's six turnovers didn't stop the Cowboys.

Three games this weekend were decided by last-second field goals of 50 or more yards. Just another normal week in this crazy NFL season.

Green Bay fell out of the undefeated club with a loss to Chicago, while New England and Indianapolis stayed the course with easy wins. The Cowboys, on the other hand, won an ugly Monday night contest with the Bills to stay undefeated. Tony Romo turned the ball over six times, including five interceptions, two of which were returned for touchdowns. The Bills were unable to put the Cowboys away, however, and a last-second field goal by kicker Nick Folk iced the game.

Houston and Carolina also won on last-second field goals, over winless Miami and New Orleans, respectively. The Saints in particular seem to be a shell of their playoff selves. Miami has been alternately pathetic and unlucky, and neither team is anywhere near good enough to turn it around.

Which undefeated team is the best? Give us your rankings now! You must submit at least FIVE to cast your vote.

  • San Francisco 49ers
    Week 5: 9-7 L to Baltimore
  • Chicago Bears
    Week 5: 27-20 W vs. Green Bay
  • Cincinnati Bengals
    Week 5: Did not play
  • Buffalo Bills
    Week 5: 25-24 L vs. Dallas
  • Denver Broncos
    Week 5: 41-3 L to San Diego
  • Cleveland Browns
    Week 5: 34-17 L to New England
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Week 5: 33-24 L to Indianapolis
  • Arizona Cardinals
    Week 5: 34-31 W vs. St. Louis
  • San Diego Chargers
    Week 5: 41-3 W vs. Denver
  • Kansas City Chiefs
    Week 5: 30-16 W. vs. San Diego
  • Indianapolis Colts
    Week 5: 33-14 W vs. Tampa Bay
  • Dallas Cowboys
    Week 5: 25-24 W vs. Buffalo
  • Miami Dolphins
    Week 5: 22-18 L to Houston
  • Philadelphia Eagles
    Week 5: Did not play
  • Atlanta Falcons
    Week 4: 20-13 L to Tennessee
  • New York Giants
    Week 5: 35-24 W vs. NY Jets
  • Jacksonville Jaguars
    Week 5: 17-7 W vs. Kansas City
  • New York Jets
    Week 5: 35-24 L to NY Giants
  • Detroit Lions
    Week 5: 34-3 L to Washington
  • Green Bay Packers
    Week 5: 27-20 L to Chicago
  • Carolina Panthers
    Week 5: 16-13 W vs. New Orleans
  • New England Patriots
    Week 5: 34-17 W vs. Cleveland
  • Oakland Raiders
    Week 5: Did not play
  • St. Louis Rams
    Week 5: 34-31 L to Arizona
  • Baltimore Ravens
    Week 5: 9-7 W vs. San Francisco
  • Washington Redskins
    Week 5: 34-3 W vs. Detroit
  • New Orleans Saints
    Week 5: 20-13 L vs. Carolina
  • Seattle Seahawks
    Week 5: 21-0 L vs. Pittsburgh
  • Pittsburgh Steelers
    Week 5: 21-0 W vs. Seattle
  • Houston Texans
    Week 5: 22-19 W vs. Miami
  • Tennessee Titans
    Week 5: 20-13 W vs. Atlanta
  • Minnesota Vikings
    Week 5: Did not play