Rank 'Em: Best Team Accomplishment?

Created: December 19, 2007, 3:45 PM

Thanks to a fourth quarter comeback the Patriots have finished the regular season 16-0 and sit just three wins away from the second perfect season of the Super Bowl era.

If they do it, where would this feat rank among the all-time great team accomplishments? Compare it to these other 19 great performances and rank your list.

  • Won 116-36 for an all-time best .763 winning percentage.
  • Over six seasons, went 76-7-3 and won five titles between the AAFC and NFL.
  • Five consecutive World Series titles. Enough said.
  • Who needs the Patriots when you have the 1950s Sooners? This team won 47 straight football games.
  • One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight ... count 'em eight ... championships in a row.
  • Over a span of three seasons, the Bruins won a mind-boggling 88 consecutive games.
  • The only NFL team ... for now at least ... to have a perfect record (17-0).
  • This team set an NBA record of 33 straight victories. Second-longest streak is 20.
  • Iowa wrestling won 20 NCAA national championships and 25 consecutive Big Ten championships.
  • Won four consecutive Stanley Cups, going 48-10 in the playoffs and a staggering 60-8-12 in 1977.
  • The last NCAA Division I men's basketball team to have an undefeated season.
  • The Lady Tar Heels soccer team won nine consecutive national championships.
  • The 1985 Bears went 18-1 and allowed only 10 total points in the playoffs as they shuffled their way to a Super Bowl XX victory.
  • Went 17-2 and turned the Super Bowl into a rout with a 45-point victory.
  • Won 14 division titles in a row.
  • Averaged 52 points per game, won every game by at least 14, trailed once all year, beat No. 2 Florida 62-14 in the Orange Bowl.
  • Set the NBA record with a 72-10 record (and won the NBA title).
  • The Mariners tied a major league record by winning 116 games.
  • USC's six consecutive Pac-10 titles has turned the Trojans into the team du jour for Hollywood celebs.
  • Let's assume the Patriots keep it up and go 19-0 and win the Super Bowl. Where would they rank alongside these other notable team performances?