Rank 'Em: Top NFL safeties

Created: May 2, 2011, 2:50 PM

Where do you stand on Nick Collins' place among the league's best safeties?

How do the best safeties in the NFL stack up?

The Steelers' Troy Polamalu and the Ravens' Ed Reed were a consensus number one and two among our stable of NFL experts but after that it gets tricky. Four of the eight experts had the Packers' Nick Collins as the third best safety but for AFC West blogger Bill Williamson, there are six safeties better than Collins.

Below you'll find the experts' top picks. How would you rank them? Simply click on the photos to begin.

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  • Kansas City Chiefs
    Experts rank: 5
  • Indianapolis Colts
    Experts rank: T-10
  • Green Bay Packers
    Experts rank: 3
  • Tennessee Titans
    Experts rank: 6
  • Washington Redskins
    Experts rank: T-10
  • New England Patriots
    Experts rank: 8
  • Pittsburgh Steelers
    Experts rank: 1
  • Baltimore Ravens
    Experts rank: 2
  • New York Giants
    Experts rank: 9
  • Buffalo Bills
    Experts rank: 7
  • Arizona Cardinals
    Experts rank: 4