Rank 'Em: Heisman to NFL

Created: July 28, 2011, 10:51 AM

Where does Charles Woodson rank?

Which Heisman winners proved to be the best NFL players?

One perk for Reggie Bush of having to give up his Heisman Trophy? The running back doesn't technically qualify for any lists of former winners who failed to live up to their potential in the NFL. But plenty of Heisman winners went on to perform at least as well in the professional ranks, and as Ricky Williams' career indicated, there's still time for Bush to make a push for Canton.

Consider the candidates below, many of whom are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame or headed there, and rank the best Heisman-to-NFL transitions.

  • Heisman 1981
  • Heisman 1987
  • Heisman 1977
  • Heisman 1976
  • Heisman 1995
  • Heisman 1956
  • Heisman 1985
  • Heisman 1970
  • Heisman 1988
  • Heisman 1963
  • Heisman 1968
  • Heisman 1948
  • Heisman 1982
  • 1998 Heisman
  • 1997 Heisman