Rank 'Em: U.S. Open men's contenders

Created: August 25, 2011, 12:39 PM

Is Novak Djokovic No. 1?

How do you size up the top men's contenders in the U.S. Open field?

The final Grand Slam title of the season is on the line in the U.S. Open, but are any of the top players healthy enough to claim it? Novak Djokovic has a bad shoulder and Rafael Nadal has issues with his feet and fingers. Does that knock either or both from the top of your rankings?

What's your take on the big names in the bracket, and where do sleepers like Americans Andy Roddick and Mardy Fish fit in the picture?

  • Czech Republic
    ATP ranking: 9
    U.S. Open seed: 9
  • Serbia
    ATP ranking: 1
    U.S. Open seed: 1
  • Switzerland
    ATP ranking: 3
    U.S. Open seed: 3
  • Spain
    ATP ranking: 5
    U.S. Open seed: 5
  • United States
    ATP ranking: 8
    U.S. Open seed: 8
  • France
    ATP ranking: 7
    U.S. Open seed: 7
  • Great Britain
    ATP ranking: 4
    U.S. Open seed: 4
  • Spain
    ATP ranking: 1
    U.S. Open seed: 2
  • United States
    ATP ranking: 21
    U.S. Open seed: 21
  • Sweden
    ATP ranking: 6
    U.S. Open seed: 6