Rank 'Em: Greatest NFL Running Backs

Created: June 2, 2008, 2:30 PM

Rank the NFL's greatest RBs.

They did it all. From Hall of Fame stats to Super Bowl rings, these running backs are the best of the best. But are stats and rings all you need to be considered the greatest running back of all time?

Our list features all the greats, from Jim Brown to Emmitt Smith. But to be in the running for the greatest of all time you need to be able to pound it up the middle for a 3-yard gain and break it open for a 60-yard touchdown; in other words, you need to be the complete package. So which back would you vote the best all time? Give us your vote!

Scroll over the players pictures to see their career stats and see how your rankings compare to the rest of SportsNation!


How are the points calculated?
On a poll with 10 options, a No.1 ranking equals 10 points, a No.2 ranking equals 9 points, etc. The item with the most points will be ranked first.
  • Cleveland Browns
    9 Seasons
    Carries: 23,359
    Yards: 12,312
    Average: 5.2
    Touchdowns: 106
  • Los Angeles Rams
    Indianapolis Colts
    Los Angeles Raiders
    Atlanta Falcons
    11 Seasons
    Carries: 2,996
    Yards: 13,259
    Average: 4.4
    Touchdowns: 90
  • Indianapolis Colts
    St. Louis Rams
    13 Seasons
    Carries: 2,836
    Yards: 12,279
    Average: 4.3
    Touchdowns: 100
  • Baltimore Colts
    12 Seasons
    Carries: 1,069
    Yards: 5,174
    Average: 4.8
    Touchdowns: 63
  • Chicago Bears
    13 Seasons
    Carries: 3,838
    Yards: 16,726
    Average: 4.4
    Touchdowns: 110
  • Detroit Lions
    10 Seasons
    Carries: 3,062
    Yards: 15,269
    Average: 5.0
    Touchdowns: 99
  • Chicago Bears
    7 Seasons
    Carries: 991
    Yards: 4,956
    Average: 5.0
    Touchdowns: 39
  • San Francisco 49ers
    Buffalo Bills
    11 Seasons
    Carries: 2,404
    Yards: 11,236
    Average: 4.7
    Touchdowns: 61
  • Dallas Cowboys
    Arizona Cardinals
    15 Seasons
    Carries: 4,4096
    Yards: 18,355
    Average: 4.2
    Touchdowns: 164
  • San Diego Chargers
    8 Seasons
    Carries: 2,365
    Yards: 10,650
    Average: 4.5
    Touchdowns: 115