Rank 'Em: College Football Conferences

Created: July 8, 2009, 9:33 PM

Are Sam Bradford and the Sooners in college football's best conference?

In a NCAA sport in which every loss counts, the conference your team plays in can have a huge impact on the overall record, rank and bowl placement of your team. For this reason, perhaps, fans everywhere get into heated debates about which conference has the most elite teams.

Which conferences are the toughest and which are a piece of cupcake this upcoming 2009 season? That's what we want you, SportsNation, to decide. Is the SEC more stacked than the Big 12? Is the Pac-10 in the top 5?

It's time for you to answer these hard-hitting questions by ranking the college football conferences against each other.

  • ACC
  • Big East
  • Big 12
  • Big Ten
  • C-USA
  • MAC
  • MWC
  • Pac-10
  • SEC
  • Sun Belt
  • WAC