Rank 'Em: Fans suffering most

Created: April 28, 2010, 11:23 AM

Are the Pirates the worst franchise in sports?

What are the worst franchises in professional sports?

The Pirates beat the Brewers 7-3 on Tuesday, rallying for five runs in the top of the ninth. That kind of late-inning heroics might be grounds for optimism, if not for the sobering reality that not only did the win break a 22-game losing streak in Milwaukee for the Pirates, but it also came on the heels of 20-0 and 17-3 losses to the Brewers within the past week. All of which about sum up the state of the Pirates these days.

But are they the worst franchise in pro sports? With competition like the Nets, Clippers, Raiders and Rams, it's a challenge that only the absolute worst can aspire to sink to.

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