Rank 'Em: LeBron's Next Team

Created: May 13, 2010, 2:18 PM

Where does remaining in this jersey rank?

What are the most likely destinations for LeBron James in NBA free agency this summer?

Perhaps the most heralded free agent in the history of North American professional sports, LeBron James enters the market as the the two-time reigning NBA MVP who won't turn 26 years old until next season. Oh, and he's also developed a pretty fair brand name for himself in the marketing world. Basically, he's the complete package, save for championship rings.

Not every team has the financial wiggle room to make a run at James this summer, but some of those mentioned most often as possible suitors are listed below. Rank away and add your say to the buzz on where LeBron is most likely to land.

  • Chicago Bulls
    Pros: Young roster led by Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah that has some playoff experience.
  • Cavaliers
    Pros: He's not going to get lost driving to the arena. It's home. Not to mention, they can pay him the most.
  • Clippers
    Pros: Well, it's a Los Angeles crowd, even if it's not that Los Angeles crows. Good young roster doesn't hurt title hopes.
  • Heat
    Pros: Presumably it would mean a chance to play with Dwyane Wade in the best one-two punch since ... ever?
  • Knicks
    Pros: It's the media capital of the world and the most famous arena in the sport (or so locals like to claim). Win here and history will love you.
  • Mavericks
    Pros: Between Erick Dampier's contract and some other expiring deals, the Mavericks have at least the appearance of enough financial wiggle room to get in the mix.
  • Nets
    Pros: It will be Brooklyn soon enough. The owner has deep pockets and likes to have fun, plus good good friend Jay-Z is a part-owner.