Rank 'Em: BCS Teams

Created: December 5, 2010, 8:59 PM

Does Cameron Newton make the Auburn Tigers the best team?

Which are the best teams among the five BCS bowl games?

There was no debate this year about the two most talented college football teams in the country. Even a computer could see the fast-paced offense of Oregon and the now-you-see-him-now-you-don't Cam Newton-led Auburn Tigers were the most deserving of a shot at the championship. TCU, while coming up just short, will get a chance to prove its worth against Wisconsin, and perhaps the best NFL prospect playing in a BCS game, Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, will lead his team against Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl. Connecticut earned the Big East's automatic bid and, in the process, the scorn of everyone who thinks the conference is not worthy and will play Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl.

How do you size up teams in the big-money bowls? Simply click on the logos below to set your rankings!

  • vs. Ohio State in Sugar Bowl
  • vs. Oregon in BCS Championship Game
  • vs. Oklahoma in Fiesta Bowl
  • vs. Arkansas in Sugar Bowl
  • vs. Connecticut in Fiesta Bowl
  • vs. Auburn in BCS Championship Game
  • vs. Virginia Tech in Orange Bowl
  • vs. Wisconsin in Rose Bowl
  • vs. Stanford in Orange Bowl
  • vs. TCU in Rose Bowl