Rank 'Em: 2008 draft revisited

Created: March 8, 2011, 10:33 AM

Where would Kevin Love go in a draft do-over?

What would the top of the 2008 NBA draft look like if the teams involved got to do it all over again?

It takes time to accurately assess any draft class, but a number of players from the 2008 selection process aren't wasting any time establishing themselves as NBA stars. Derrick Rose is among the MVP favorites this season, Kevin Love can't stop collecting double-doubles and players like Russell Westbrook and Eric Gordon are stars by almost any measure.

Below you'll find eight of the biggest names from the top of the 2008 draft. What order would they go in now?

  • Selected No. 1 by Bulls
  • Selected No. 2 by Heat
  • Selected No. 3 by Timberwolves (traded to Grizzlies)
  • Selected No. 4 by Thunder
  • Selected No. 5 by Grizzlies (traded to Timberwolves)
  • Selected No. 6 by Knicks
  • Selected No. 7 by Clippers
  • Selected No. 10 by Nets