Rank 'Em: Heisman Watch 2009

Created: September 8, 2009, 11:39 PM

Is Sam Bradford no longer a Heisman favorite?

Who are the top Heisman candidates after Week 1?

ESPN's experts have put together a new 14-person Heisman Watch poll of players they think will have the best shot at Heisman glory. It's no surprise that grabbing the top spot is early favorite (and 2007 Heisman winner) Tim Tebow, followed closely by Texas' Colt McCoy and California's Jahvid Best.

How would you rearrange the Heisman Watch's 14-player list? And how far do you think Sam Bradford deserves to drop due to his injury? It's up to you, SportsNation, to rank these Heisman hopefuls.


  • DB, Tennessee
  • RB, California
  • QB, Oklahoma
  • WR, Oklahoma State
  • QB, Penn State
  • QB, Notre Dame
  • RB, Georgia Tech
  • QB, BYU
  • QB, Miami
  • RB, Alabama
  • QB, Texas
  • QB, Ohio State
  • RB, Oregon State
  • QB, Florida