Rank 'Em: NFL MVPs

Created: October 6, 2010, 11:08 AM

Where does Mark Sanchez rank?

Who tops your ballot for NFL MVP after Week 4?

After a worrisome first week loss against the Ravens, Mark Sanchez has come on strong in our MVP rankings. The sophomore quarterback has eight touchdowns in his last three games, and is on pace to do big things with the Jets in the AFC East. Can he overcome Tom Brady and the now-Mossless Patriots, or will the dynamic duo of Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne siphon away all the MVP votes?

Consider the candidates below and submit your rankings for NFL MVP honors.

  • QB, Patriots
  • QB, Saints
  • RB, Texans
  • QB, Colts
  • QB, Broncos
  • QB, Chargers
  • QB, Packers
  • QB, Falcons
  • QB, Jets
  • WR, Colts