House for sale, asking price: Super Bowl tickets

While Brian Lusk, a Denver Broncos fan, was probably not amused by the numerous phone calls he got expressing interest in purchasing his house for a pair of Super Bowl tickets, he has to give his friend credit.

He should also probably reevaluate his gloating tactics, or at least proceed with caution before ever bashing the Pittsburgh Steelers again.

After being on the winning side of the Broncos-Steelers matchup in the AFC Championship Game, it seems Lusk laid into his friend (a Steelers fan) a bit:

"I have a buddy who's a good Pittsburgh Steelers fan -- and we had some bets going for the Steelers game and of course the Broncos won so I rode him pretty hard for two or three days and gave him a lot of heck." (As told to Steve Staeger of KUSA)

His friend responded as any dejected, revenge-seeking Pittsburgh fan on the losing side of a bet would -- by posting an ad in a newspaper listing his friend's home for sale in exchange for tickets, airfare and accommodations to Super Bowl 50.

“I’d like to look to Broncos Country for some ideas on how to get him back,” he said. Any ideas?

Posted by 9NEWS (KUSA) on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

While Super Bowl ticket prices are quite high -- they aren't 2,100-square-feet, three-bedroom, two-bath high.

Aside from the obvious pricing discrepancy -- and the fact that Lusk has no intention of selling his house -- the ad claims the owner is "getting divorced: leaving her with nothing." Lusk's wife confirms he is not getting divorced.

The gauntlet has been thrown. Your move, Brian . . .

(H/T 9News)