Curry joins list of NBA players with impressive cakes

Stephen Curry celebrated his 28th birthday on Monday, and as part of the occasion, he shared a photo on Twitter of his cake.

Looks pretty nice -- especially the nod to Davidson, his alma mater. But how does it stack up with cakes commissioned for -- and presumably enjoyed by -- other NBA stars? Here's a non-exhaustive list of some of the more memorable player cakes from over the years.

Two years ago, Damian Lillard stepped up his game with this adidas confection:

LeBron James' 29th birthday cake by Divine Delicacies came in at taller than 6 feet and included vanilla rum, red velvet and chocolate Godiva layers. On top sat a fondant crown for King James.

It also included more than 10,000 Swarovski crystals that came off on a string to ensure no one ate them. Practical!

Meanwhile, Kobe Bryant rang in his 30th birthday in Beijing, during the 2008 Summer Olympics. Still had time to blow out the candles on a medal cake:

And then there's Ray Allen.

The former 3-point maestro traveled to Las Vegas for his 40th birthday party, and he was given one of all-time coolest NBA cakes, one that chronicles his hoops career. All that's missing is a Lincoln High School Jesus Shuttlesworth jersey:

So, whose is best?