No. 42: Chicago Bulls

Last year's rank: 24
Title track: 35
Ownership: 38
Coaching: 6
Players: 6
Fan relations: 34
Affordability: 71
Stadium experience: 34
Bang for the buck: 72

Oh, how the creators of Internet memes have loved Derrick Rose's prolonged absence. The new Derrick Rose Shoe: Playoff Edition? You guessed it, a pair of leather dress kicks. (There's also one that's a walking boot.) But the Bulls -- and their fans -- aren't laughing. Rose, a Chi-town native, has single-handedly lifted Windy City hoop fans out of PJD, post-Jordan depression. The Bulls have made the playoffs in every season since drafting Rose first overall in 2008, topping out in 2011 with 62 regular-season wins and their first Eastern Conference finals berth since MJ's day. Rose should be back on the court for the 2013-14 campaign, his first appearance since going down in a heap in the spring of 2012. That will surely improve the ranking in stadium experience, which fell eight spots. But the Bulls -- a hard-nosed bunch guided by leather-lunged coach Tom Thibodeau -- managed to remain a hot ticket last season, leading the NBA in attendance. Impressive, considering they have the league's fifth-highest average ticket price. Still, with 45 wins and a seven-game, first-round playoff triumph over an all-there Nets team, the city of Chicago loved every minute of it. It just loves Rose even more.