No. 66: New York Giants

Last year's rank: 48
Title track: 8
Ownership: 24
Coaching: 12
Players: 50
Fan relations: 57
Affordability: 110
Stadium experience: 84
Bang for the buck: 75

It's a good thing the Giants have won two Super Bowls in the past six seasons, both in dramatic fashion, because they're putting a serious financial hurting on their fans (an average ticket costs $111.69 -- third most in the league). We'll give them credit for not raising prices after last season's disappointing non-playoff year, but MetLife Stadium -- with it's crazy-high upper deck -- isn't helping justify the cost. To become a season-ticket holder, you first need to buy a pricey PSL. The cheapest one -- excluding single tickets -- currently available on the Giants' official web site is $2,300 for a pair, and that's in Row 25 in the upper deck of the corner of the end zone. Might as well include binoculars.

Still, the Giants hang out in the middle of the standings pack for the undeniable fact that they've provided their fans some of the greatest thrills in sports in recent years. Barring some unforeseen price drop, they'll need to continue to do so to avoid joining their housemate Jets in rankings purgatory.