No. 24: Los Angeles Kings

Last year's rank: 32
Title track: 14
Ownership: 17
Coaching: 10
Players: 27
Fan relations: 10
Affordability: 79
Stadium experience: 17
Bang for the buck: 33

Hockey in Hollywood is cool again for the first time since Wayne Gretzky roamed behind the nets at the old Forum. Today, it is Jonathan Quick's lightning-fast reflexes and three centers with a nose for the back of the net (Jeff Carter, Anze Kopitar and Mike Richards) who keep fans coming back to the Staples Center -- the Kings' home since 1999. After a stretch of 15 years with only four playoff appearances, the Kings made four trips in the past four years, including their magical 2012 Stanley Cup run.

Still, lining the glass with the cast of your favorite movie, maintaining a hilarious Twitter account and becoming unbeatable in May every year barely seem to make up for the 12.4 percent increase in cost per season from 2011 to 2012, lower than only six other teams. With ticket prices over the league average, it's no surprise that fans have only money to complain about; the Kings rank outside our top 30 in only two categories: affordability and bang for the buck. One FanIQ blogger pointed out that the ticket prices were similar to those of the Lakers or Clippers, "but to see such a high base price, especially for a fan base that grew so much in the last year, is a bit odd." Sure. But this is Hollywood. When did anyone care about a budget?