No. 73: Colorado Rockies

Last year's rank: 85
Title track: 102

Ownership: 92

Coaching: 78

Players: 59

Fan relations: 91

Affordability: 47

Stadium experience: 48

Bang for the buck: 64

The Mile High City has hit a few baseball lows. Denver has seen playoff ball only three times in 20 seasons. There's the steady decline each year since 2009, when the team won a franchise-best 92 games, but followed up each campaign with lesser returns: 83, 73 and finally bottoming out with a woeful 64-98 record. Perhaps no numbers tell the tale of the floundering Rockies quite like the team's starkly contrasted Ultimate Standings yields: Just two years ago, Colorado came in at eighth overall, while its poorest showing -- in title track -- was a still middle-of-the-pack 45. That's still higher than this year's best results, in affordability, at 47.

Sure, a day at the ballpark is slightly below MLB average (ticket price: $23.65), but is that enough to keep fans coming back for more? Coaching saw a slight boost (No. 78 after last year's 106) when Jim Tracy avoided a potentially messy situation after he parted ways last October, but fans are itching to surround stars Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez with more capable starters. We'll let Colorado fan Saturn47 have the last word for Rock Nation: "What started off looking like it might be a fun season is turning into another huge [disappointment] ... so ownership, what are YOU going to do about it?" Et tu, Mr. Monfort?