No. 122: Sacramento Kings

Last year's rank: 121
Title track: 116
Ownership: 121
Coaching: 117
Players: 122
Fan relations: 122
Affordability: 104
Stadium experience: 122
Bang for the buck: 89

Anaheim, Las Vegas, Seattle, Virginia Beach -- where didn't the Maloof family threaten to move the Kings during their disastrous 15-year ownership run, as they merrily wrecked the franchise's commitment to Sactown while letting the entire operation decay? Under the overleveraged Maloofs, the Kings plunged from the Western Conference finals to the basement of the NBA's Pacific Division. And Sleep Train Arena (formerly the Power Balance Pavilion, and before that, the ARCO Arena), with its creaky wooden floors, leaking roof and echo-tastic sound system, deteriorated to the point where fans this year voted it the worst stadium in North America, by a huge margin. If the Kings were public housing, they would have been dynamited years ago. Instead, after buying the team for $156 million, and after making more than $34 million in profits over the past decade (according to Forbes), the Maloofs sold out in a deal that valued the club at $534 million. (Somebody remind us again: Why were the NBA owners so hard up that we had to have a lockout?) Now new owner Vivek Ranadive gets a chance to clean house -- literally. Fixing Sleep Train's broken toilets is a top priority for new management. And adding Ben McLemore can only help.