No. 19: Texas Rangers

Last year's rank: 9
Title track: 43
Ownership: 28
Coaching: 38
Players: 31
Fan relations: 19
Affordability: 16
Stadium experience: 12
Bang for the buck: 40

The Rangers continued to fall back, sliding another seven spots in our standings after being slotted at No. 9 and 12, respectively, the last two seasons. What have you done for me lately, Texas? Well, as of Sept. 16, the Rangers remained tied for first place in the American League wild-card race. Despite last year's ouster in the first-ever AL wild-card one-game playoff, Texas won the division the two previous seasons and made its first trips to the World Series, igniting a bit of baseball fever in the Lone Star State, where the Rangers drew 3.46 million fans last season -- third most in baseball.

This season they were fifth in MLB attendance as of Sept. 16 despite losing slugger Josh Hamilton, who signed a big-money deal with the Angels. Sure, the loss of Hamilton, along with catcher Mike Napoli and veteran infielder Michael Young, contributed to the Rangers' 28-point drop in our players ranking. But the arrival of top prospect Jurickson Profar, along with the Rangers' continued on-field success, is a big part of the 12th-best stadium experience in sports. Another contributing factor? The average ticket price ($22.54) is almost $5 below baseball's average. According to the fans we polled, the price is more than right for the Rangers, who ranked above average in each one of our categories, whether it is the honesty of ownership or accessibility of players. Yes, Texas fans, there's life outside Jerry's World.