No. 113: Washington Wizards


Last year's rank: 118
Title track: 118
Ownership: 91
Coaching: 115
Players: 120
Fan relations: 118
Affordability: 86
Stadium Experience 98
Bang for the Buck 77

Yo, Wizards fans, step back from that ledge! We've been crunching the metrics of hope for a long time, and we can tell when a franchise's followers are about to snap (as they have this year with the Sixers and Lions), possibly to collapse into a steaming funk of cynicism (as they did a while ago with the Raiders and Raptors). And with the injury-ravaged Wizards missing the playoffs for a fifth straight season in 2012-13, fans are teetering right on the brink. But the Wizards have used their lottery tickets wisely: When John Wall and Bradley Beal were healthy enough to play together last year, the team went 16-9, and now the Wizards are adding Georgetown standout Otto Porter to the mix. At the same time, management has kept the Wizards affordable, with the sixth-cheapest fan costs in the league ($57.41 for an average ticket plus parking and concessions). Despite the grim stats of the moment, this is a club poised for better times, on the court and in our bang for the buck rankings.

*Note: Because of a data collection error, the Wizards' ranking is based on incomplete statistics. We have estimated results where necessary.