Brees airs out Cowboys for 392 yards

The Drew Brees-led Saints have had the Cowboys' number since 2006, and this season was no different. For the fourth time in the past five meetings, Brees threw for more than 350 yards against Dallas' defense -- 392 yards to be exact, more than half of the team's franchise-record 625 total yards. He also contributed to half of their single-game NFL-record 40 first downs in the 32-point win.

This week's top five was football-heavy, with the lone non-football standout coming from the NBA.

Tavon Austin earned his runner-up spot by becoming the third player in NFL history to have three touchdowns of 55-plus yards in a game. Peyton Manning landed third after setting the record for the most passing yards through the first nine games with 3,249, and for tying a passing TD record. Paul George broke up the football monotony with a career-high of eight 20-plus point games to start a season.

Rounding out the top 5 was T.J. Yeldon and his second-half dominance of LSU's run defense.

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