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Dan Rafael: Greetings, Fight Freaks, to this week's chat. Hopefully, it goes smoother than last week's. The software appears to be working a bit better this week. Anyway, big notebook is posted as well as a blog for the third day in a row, so you have plenty to read. And the schedule is also updated as of this morning. And we have a big weekend with Klitschko-Chagaev on Saturday(on ESPN Classic), tonight's FNF and the Versus card from Canada with Diaconu and Pascal. And we can look back on last week's Cotto-Clottey fight. So let's get to it.

Rick (Philadelphia): Happy Fistic Friday DTM!! Any news on Mayweather's rib injury? How likely is September for the fight?

Dan Rafael: I talked to Leonard Ellerbe yesterday and he says Floyd is reasting and healing and they have every intention of rescheduling the fight, most likely Sept. 19 in Vegas.

Gus (Passaic, NJ): Went to my 1st ever fight saturday. All i can say is WOW. What an atmosphere, had to be the best sporting event i ever went to.

Dan Rafael: It was terrific. Glad you enjoyed. Every fight fan should try to go to a big fight. There is nothing else like it.

JX (Phoenix) [via mobile]: Good afternoon Dan. Who would you rather see Pac man face: Mosley or Cotto? both are great fights, but I think the Mosley fight is far more intriging and more signifigant. Your take?

Dan Rafael: That's the beauty of it. If he fights Mosley, great. If he fights Cotto, great. Both are great and I will be happy with either. I want to see them both.

Dan (LA): "Who the f--- is David Haye" -- Wow, I guess Haye is still under Wlad's skin...

Dan Rafael: Yeah, that quote is from today's notebook. I talked to Wladimir this week and it is the first time in a million interviews I have done with him that I ever heard him swear. He is not a happy camper about Haye.

Cobra (Philly): Dan,I'm psyched for Wlad-Chagaev but I don't get ESPN Classic. Will ESPN360 show the fight as well?

Dan Rafael: The fight will be live on Classic and 360.

Manuel (San Jose): Dan, didnt pacquiao beat a past his prime de la hoya?

Dan Rafael: Yeah, so?

Mike A. (CT): Hey Dan, who wins in a Juanma/Gamboa fight?

Dan Rafael: I have no idea but I absolutely love the idea of that fight, which Arum wants to make.

Korrey (New york city): DanCan you do me a favor and ask SSM if he wants some cheese with that whine? I know he wants a big money fight but goodness does he have to resort to begging?

Dan Rafael: He's looking for a major fight. I guess he has to do what he has to do.

Juan (Compton, CA) [via mobile]: What's going on with Chris Arreola, any word on who he's fighting next?

Dan Rafael: Cris and his team are waiting to see the outcome of the Vitali Klitschko/WBC/Maskaev arbitration. If Klitschko is allowed to fight an optional defense instead of being forced to fight the totally undeserving Maskaev, Arreola very likely will be his next opponent in the fall.

Brandon (Amarillo, Tx): First off... 116 - 111 in Cotto/Clottey was ridiculous and you should have your head examined! It was much closer than that! 2nd. I would love to see Mosely fight Berto instead of Williams... If Mosely had trouble with Wright and Forrest because of length, think about what Williams will do to him. It may be too big a step up for Berto at this point but that is where his handlers have put him so let's see it!

Dan Rafael: I scored the fight 116-111 and I do not apologize for it. If you don't like my score, I couldn't care less. That's how I scored it and I stand by it 100000 percent. You are entitled to your own opinion.

Dan Rafael: The division is not that strong so I don't think it would take that many fights to get to No. 1. But I also think that as soon as Haye fights a serious heavyweight he'll get drilled and never get to either Klitschko.

Dan Rafael: He will fight a rematch with Cermeno in the late summer/fall. The date has not been set yet.

Dan Rafael: If they fight I would imagine Cotto's belt would be up. As long as they are not over 147, the belt would be at stake.

Dan Rafael: Not that I am aware of. Most of King's fights go unseen in the UK. It's a shame because Agbeko-Darchinyan is a terrific matchup.

Charles (Philly): Will this Arce fight be a good scrap? I'm a little worried that he may be a shot fighter at this point....

Dan Rafael: He may be a shot fighter, but that doesn't mean he can't be in entertaining fights. Have you ever seen an Arce fight that wasn't a fun fight?

Hassan(Compton, CA) [via mobile]: Do you think Omar Chavez will turn out to be as good as his dad? And what ever happend to Ponce De Leon?

Dan Rafael: Omar is very, very raw and unfortunately, I don't see a lot of promise there. Ponce fought not long ago in Mexico.

Bob (Lynchburg, VA): What happens if we don't read the notebook on Friday (I had no internet for a while) and I couldn't find last Friday's notebook. Any help?

Dan Rafael: If you don't read the notebook I think lightning will strike you. You can find the previous notebook in my archive.

nick (ky): In your opinion give me the likelihood of Cotto/Pac happening? In %.

Dan Rafael: 99 percent. I see no reason why it wouldn't at this point.

Bruce T (Torrance, CA): Dan, who do you favor in the Bradley vs Campbell fight? thanks.

Dan Rafael: Solid, solid fight. I think it's competitive and really haven't thought about it a lot yet.

Joel (NY): Who is calling the action tonight at the Bell Centre?

Dan Rafael: On Versus, it is supposed to be Barry Tompkins and Wally Matthews.

Brendan (Queens, NY): Dan, Any truth to the rumor that Kelly Pavlik entered a treatment facitity for alcohol abuse?

Dan Rafael: I've heard that rumor a lot over the past week-plus. I asked his manager, Cameron Dunkin, about it point blank as well as Top Rank's Todd duBoef and they both categorically denied it.

JJ (NYC): Dan, with your 116-111 score, you have permanently lost your right to complain about scoring in a fight, even if Doug Tucker is the judge.

Dan Rafael: No I haven't. There were several people at ringside who had the identical score as I did. So stop crying about it.

Banishment (Down Under): My appetizer for lunch meal will be BRANDON

Joe (San Francisco, CA): Doesn't Bob Arum have about 6 different PPV's in the works right now? Isn't this the same Bob Arum that Hauser quoted as saying HBO should get out of the PPV business?

Dan Rafael: Bob does have several PPVs in the works. It's the only way to keep his business moving and his fighters working with so few network dates available. Bob's point was let HBO concentrate on doing major fights and leave the PPV business for smaller fights to the promoters.

Koichi (NYC): Who would you rather see B-Hop fight? Adamek or Froch? I think a win over Adamek would be bigger but it's definitely the more dangerous fight.

Dan Rafael: I would much rather see him face Adamek. It's not even close.

Joel (NY): Dan, whats your pick? Diaconu or Pascal?

Dan Rafael: I like Diaconu close.

Gary Burton (Beaverton, OR): Dan, has Max Kellerman called yet and chastised you for your Cotto vs. Clottey scorecard?

Dan Rafael: I haven't spoken to Max since the fight and I heard his comments on the HBO broadcast about 116-111. Max is my friend and we don't always agree. No problem there.

Bry (sf): Any news on the Peterson bros. and Alvarado?

Dan Rafael: Nothing new on Lamont, who fought recently. Anthony, who is coming off knee surgery, is supposed to fight on Aug. 15 on the Donaire card in Vegas.

Zach (Bronx): Did you see the movie Tyson?

Dan Rafael: Yes, and I enjoyed it very much.

Aaron (Fargo, ND): The way Clottey ran and didn't engage in the later rounds, he's lucky to get a 116-111 score.

Ryan Dobroka (Cleveland): Just thought I would say that your 116-111 certainly made alot more sense to me than Clottey winning. I lost alot of respect for Clottey with his feminine antics on Saturday. How he did not win with that cut over Cotto's eye is beyond me. Ultimately, you have to consider that Cotto could have quit 25 minutes early and taken the W, into your scoring for the fight. I don't know why people can't grasp that.

Gary Burton (Beaverton, OR): Dan, do you think Juan Manuel Lopez would fare better against Celestino Caballero or Yuriorkis Gamboa? Why does Bob Arum seem so hurried to match Gamboa and Lopez when Lopez is still at 122 and Gamboa bounces from 126 to 130?

Dan Rafael: Bob is not in a hurry. They will nurture and build the fight. They both have fights coming up, Lopez next week and Gamboa next month. As I wrote in today's notebook, if they both win they will be on a card together in September. I can see them meeting late next year. They'll each have at least 2-03 fights before they fight each other.

Dylan (Austin, TX): I think there should be more backlash at the judge who scored in favor of Clottey.

Dominic (San Francisco): Dan, do you think Cotto regretted getting rid of his cutman?

Dan Rafael: Why? Joe Chavez, who replaced Miguel Diaz, did an excellent job under the circumstances. That was a horrible cut and without a good cutman the fight might have been stopped because of it. He kept it closed just enough to keep the fight going.

Chris (Concord, CA): How many of the scheduled fights are going to be televised on Showtime's July 11 card?

Dan Rafael: Two -- Agbeko-Darchinyan and the DeMarco fight.

BradSpitt (Milwaukee): Dan, not to beat a dead horse here, but 116-111? It seemed to be a fight that could have gone either way. At this point, can you see why some figured it a draw going into the 12th?

Dan Rafael: There were some close rounds. I gave them to Cotto. End of story.

Gary (Falls Church, VA): Dan - with the Khan x Kotelnik fight being rescheduled is there any work as to whether the fight may now be available on PPV in the US? Especially with the date now being vacated following the Marquez Payweather PPV postponement.

Dan Rafael: As of now, the fight will not be on US PPV because Warren was asking for more than the US distributor felt was fair.

Korben (NJ): Calderon suffered yet another nasty cut, how long do you think it'll be until his next fight?

Dan Rafael: If he heals in time, it might be a rematch as soon as mid-August.

Craig (Pittsburgh): Dano, I dont know what everyone is complaining about, I agree with your 116-111 score. Any reason why Emanuel Steward seemed to be watching a totally different fight and why he thought Clottley was winning just about every round?? Seemed very bizzare to me?

Fred (Westchester, NY): Dan, don't you think scorecards like the 116-111 for Cotto last week is what draws people away from boxing. I personally thought the fight could go either way, but 116-111 is travesty. no way Clottey lost 8 rds.

Dan Rafael: I say no way Clottey won seven rounds. It doesn't turn people off from boxing because it was a great fight where reasonable people can honestly disagree about the fight result. It was not a robbery in any way. There was nothing corrupt.

Paul B (NY, NY): DTM- 1 anecdote I want to share with the freaks from the Cotto/Clottey fight. I was at the HBO pre-party and ran into Joe C Wales. (BTW- any reason he was in town outside of watching the fight?). You should have seen his reaction when he saw Paulie Walnuts (Tony Sirico) from the Sopranos. He was like a kid in a candy store. He and his hot girlfriend took like 20 pictures with him! Very amusing.

Dan Rafael: Joe was in NYC because the night before the fight he was at the annual Boxing Writers Association of America awards dinner, where he received 2008 manager of the year for guiding his own career last year. He also came to the weigh in on Friday and I spoke with him. I wrote a blog on it last Saturday so check out my blog archive to see what Joe had to say.

Bert (Minneapolis): Lt. Dan! What a fight, can't wait for Pacquaio-Cotto! I think your score was about right. All the folks ripping Cotto need to realize he fought w/ blood in his eye. That was a nasty cut. Even Lampley said he hasn't seen a fighter as blinded by a cut in recent memory.

Dan Rafael: And a lot of people somehow think the cut makes a difference in scoring when it was from a butt.

Chris (Los Angeles): D$ - So after a gutsy win over a solid Clottey The Ring moves Cotto DOWN in their P4P rankings???

Dan Rafael: Ridiculous and not credible.

Steve (OH): I hereby request that we stop talking about the Cotto-Clottey scorecards. We know where the judges stood, and we know where DTM stands. No sense in beating a dead horse, Freaks.

Dan Rafael: That's what we do best in these chats -- beat horses dead.

Gary Burton (Beaverton, OR): Dan, just curious, but do you have another job/gig like Harold Lederman (pharmacist), or is this your bread and butter, and is the wife helping you hold it down? LOL

Dan Rafael: No, my fulltime job is boxing writer and has been for almost 10 years.

Taylor (NC): why was it a 10-8 round for cotto?

Dan Rafael: Ummm, because in a competitive round he scored a clean knockdown?

Tom (Reading, United Kingdom): Dan do you have any idea on who Nonito Donaire will be facing in his next fight? I am looking for a mega fight against Vic down the line.

Dan Rafael: Donaire is vacating his flyweight belt and will move up to junior bantamweight. He will likely fight Hugo Cazares (former 108 champ) for the stupid WBA interim BS belt.

Drew (Lexington, KY): Katsidis vs. Barrios is a wish list fight of mine. Do you see that one ever happening?

Dan Rafael: Would be an action fight for sure. Since they are both with Golden Boy, I could see it happening at some point.

Batman (Gotham City): Who wins in a fight Pacquiao or Spider-Man?

Dan Rafael: Probably Pacman. He cut through Ricky Hatton and De La Hoya, so I have no doubt webs would not be an issue.

Sean (New Jersey): Dan you mentioned you back up 116-111 1000000%, but said in your column the other day there was a round you would consider switching for Clottey. Can't be too dead-set on 116-111



Rick, (Marina): Its so dissappointing with all postponed fights.

Bronk (Dillsburg, PA): Do you think Edwin Valero has a good chance of being licenced in Las Vegas?

Dan Rafael: Yes and when I get a chance I will detail why in a blog.

Mo (LV): So Clottey needed a KO/knockdownS in the 12th to win, on your card? That's just wrong.

Jesus (Jerusalem): I also scored it 116-111 for Cotto.

Dan Rafael: No, it's right.

Doug (Dallas): Danimal, what was your final opinion on the Cotto Margarito asterisk?

Dan Rafael: As I have said many times since the fight, my personal belief is that Margarito cheated, cheated, cheated. Period.

Dan Rafael: Bat phone.

Dan Rafael: OK, Freaks, we have breaking news.

Dan Rafael: That was Shelly Finkel from Germany. He told me that Vitali Klitschko won the arbitration case against the WBC and that he is free to fight whomever he wants and does not have to fight a mandatory against Oleg Maskaev. Let us all rejoice. I guess next would either be a fight with Areola or a unification with Valuev.

Jonathan ((Northern VA)): Dan, how many times a day does the Bat Phone ring?

Dan Rafael: A million or so.

R! (Yay Area): The Jalapeno Popper vs Dr. Steel Hammer at Staples Center in the Fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike (Norristown, Pa): No doubt Margarito cheated. The way Cotto's face looked--cracked, not cut-- it is obvious in hindsight. Plus Cotto mentioning the swelling lasting for 2 weeks. No wonder he took those knees.

Floyd (Vegas): I faked an injury because Leonard Ellerbe doesn't want to take Dan out to dinner.

Mark (LA): Uh so how can anyone in their right mind move Cotto down the ranking because he won a fight against a legitimate opponent?

Zach (MPLS): No chance of Vitali-Haye?

Dan Rafael: I suppose that would be possible as well.

Corey (Morgantown, WV): Dan, any reason for Showtime's lack of boxing schedule in 2009?? Budget issues or are they focusing more on MMA than in the past?

Dan Rafael: No idea, but it's been a horrible summer for boxing on Showtime. They have almost no shows.

Craig (UK): Good afternoon Dan, I happen to be visiting the states next week an am in Atlantic City so I'm going to my first ever live fight. Other than Lopez, is there anybody I should look out for on the undercard?

Dan Rafael: Lots of talent on the card. Arce, Foreman-Bundrage, Martirosyan, DHop, Mario Santiago, Korobov.

Gary Burton (Beaverton, OR): Dan, I have a ticket to Mayweather vs. Marquez. Do you know if those tickets will be refunded, or honored whenever the fight is rescheduled? Any new word on Floyd's health, and the new date of the fight?

Dan Rafael: That's a good question. I would call Golden Boy and ask or Ticketmaster.

Brian (DC): Is Morales still planning on a comeback fight in August? Any news?

Nick (Queens): What happens to Zab judah-Matthew Hatton?

Dan Rafael: It goes away or goes on the rescheduled Mayweather-Marquez card.

F5 Button (Keyboard): I miss the old chat format

Dan Rafael: Me too.

Dan Rafael: New blog is also up folks.http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/blog/index?entryID=4271657

Rick (Paterson): Do you think K9 and Yuri Boreman is going to be entertaining or will that be nap time?

Dan Rafael: I plan to use the restroom during the fight or maybe get a cool, refreshing beverage.

Newbie (HK): God, Dan, what's this, I keep on typing and it keeps on scrolling down when I don't even want it to do so. Ask your ESPN colleagues to do something.

HBO (NY): This new chat format is worse than our decision to change the WCB theme music.

Jose (New York): Dan you are one of the most knowledgeable sports writers around but It was real disappointing reading your scorecard when they showed it on espn Saturday night. How can a close fight be scored 116-111. It is never to late to say you mis scored the card in person but when you watched it again you missed a couple of rounds.

Dan Rafael: A close fight can be scored 116-111 because each individual round is highly competitive.

Chris (Kalamazoo, MI): How can people not understand that with all the close rounds they could have easily been scored differently just by a persons location next to the ring. A lot of action can be blocked when someone's back is to you.

Jonathan ((Northern VA)): Dan, do you mind getting asked historical questions? If not, did you think the stoppage of the first Mosley vs Vargas fight was correct? I'm still a freak-in-training and just watched the fight. I thought it was.

Dan Rafael: As I recall, it was absolutely the right call. I was at that fight and Vargas did not look good at all afterward with that massive lump on his eye.

Tom (Sacramento): Dan, do you know status on Valero vs Casamayor

Dead Horse (On The Farm): Please get off of me

Steve (NYC): Pavlik should fight Mora and just get rid of him for good.

Dan Rafael: Been mentioned as a possible fall fight. Could wind up on the Mayweather-Marquez card in September, but I sorta have my doubts.

David (Winston-Salem, NC): Dano! For some reason I got extremely excited when I read about a possible bout between Odlanier Solis and Kevin Johnson. What do you think the chances of that really are? And who would you like in that match up?

Dan Rafael: I got a little excited too! They're talking but who knows if it will come off? I am told Solis really wants the fight. We'll see if the Johnson side is in reality on the money.

Cody (Virginia beach): I have been hearing of a rematch between Adamek and Cunningham do you know anything about this?

Dan Rafael: If Adamek wins his next fight and Cunningham wins his, they could meet at the end of the year or in early 2010. It will be a mandatory.

Chris (Los Angeles): D$ - Did you get a chance to see Larry Merchant's HOF speech. Quite good.

Dan Rafael: I watched it the Internet. Enjoyed it.

E (Omaha): D$$ - Clottey has no one to blame but himself. He should have kept firing those uppercuts. I've never seen one fighter throw so many uppercuts in a fight.

Dylan (Austin, TX): Pavlik being on the mayweather undercard in the fall sounds about right... Mayweather would need Pavlik to help sell those tickets. It wont get done on Mayweather's name thats for sure

Dan Rafael: Pavlik would not be on Mayweather's undercard.

Tom (Danbury, CT): Ugh, PPV for Roy vs. Lacy

Dan Rafael: So don't buy it.

WM (NY): was at the cotto fight--awesome atmosphere. was at 3 pacquiao fights--awesome atmospheres. cotto-pac would be unbelievable!! and they'll be doing 24/7--that's a lot awesomeness!!

Geraldo (Dale City(VA)): Dano- Just wondering since the atmosphere in MSG is always crazy and since you attend a majority of the fights, which fight you have seen they're that ranks as the craziest IYO? Thanks

Dan Rafael: Best atmosphere I have ever been at at MSG was for Cotto-Judah and Trinidad-Joppy. Both were ridiculous.

Aaron (MA): probably a stupid question but I will ask anyway. Is there any possibility of Floyd/JMM being on regular HBO?

Dan Rafael: You know better than that.

Steve (NYC): Roy is claiming if he wins the IBO belt he will be a 5 division champ. Bogus or not?

Dan Rafael: BOGUS. In case you didn't understand me the first time: BOGUS.

JX (Phoenix) [via mobile]: Geez Dan, who knew Clottey had this many fans? Close fight and Joshua took his foot off the gas pedal; end of story.

Brandon (San Diego CA): hmm.. Lets see here??From Dan Rafael:Been mentioned as a possible fall fight. Could wind up on the Mayweather-Marquez card in September, but I sorta have my doubts.Then dan goes on to say in another post:Pavlik would not be on Mayweather's undercard.Which is it Dan?

Dan Rafael: Let's clarify: Mayweather-Marquez looks like it will be resked for Sept. 19. On that undercard we could see Zab-Matt Hatton and maybe Valero-Casamayor. Pavlik will fight on his own card probably in October on HBO (not on PPV). We clear?

Kermit Cintron (PA): I scored Round One 10-9. Looked to me like the knockdown was caused by a headbutt, not a punch.

Andy (Vegas): Dan is there any truth to the rumor that Mayweather is pulling out of the fight because he found out that Marquez has losses on his record?

Kevin (OH): Where does Clottey go from here? I'd love to see him fight Berto, is that a likely possibility?

Dan Rafael: Arum will get Clottey another good fight. He deserves it. Arum would like to push him as an opponent for Mosley, Berto or Williams. I am sure Josh would take any of those fights, all of which would be worth HBO.

Seth (New York): Dan,I had a blast talking with you, Lem and Cliff after the fight Saturday night. Nothing better than hearing boxing stories after attended a fight with such a raucous atmosphere. After experiencing the craziness first hand, I was curious how this compared to Trinidad-Joppy at MSG. Hope to see you next time you are back in NYC.

Dan Rafael: Always good to hang with the Freaks.

Steve (NYC): Roy is claiming if he wins the IBO belt he will be a 5 division champ. Bogus or not?

Aaron (MA): you mentioned last week that Alfredo Angulo may headline a FNF card in August. Do you have any updates on that?

Dan Rafael: Still being discussed.

Mike (Los Angeles): To further clarify, Pavlik's fight in October would still be against Mora? Say it ain't so.

Dan Rafael: Unlikely. They're talking now about Sturm. Please check out today's blogs for the details.

Geraldo (Dale City(VA)): Dan- Please tell me the Cut Calderon suffered will not prevent him from fighting Mayweather in December? I am still laughing over that quote last week!

Bing (Philly): What Clottey deserves is a rematch. If you say not right away, then when? Cotto is gonna go on to bigger and better things (he will defeat Pacman). It's unlikely he'll fight Clottey again after that. He'll give the standard "I only want mega fights" line.

Dan Rafael: In the real world, there isn't going to be a rematch. For the most part, the fight fans and media wants to see Cotto against Pacquiao, Mayweather or a rematch with Mosley before a rematch with Clottey. Those are all bigger, more interesting fights. It may not be fair, but neither is life. So deal.

JJD (Seattle): OK, ONE last time - you aren't scoring the FIGHT - you are scoring each ROUND. A guy who loses twelve REALLY close rounds still loses 120-108, while a guy can get pummeled in six rounds, eke out the other six and get a 114-114 draw. Just because the fight seemed closer doesn't change how the rounds played out individually.

Dan Rafael: Exactly.

Kevin (San Antonio): Danno, though I've been reading your chats live for only about 6 months, I'm in the process of redaing all of your past archived chats. Potential future freak?

Dan Rafael: Potential mental patient.

Lord Bendover (Brooklyn, NY): Dan: big HW fight on YOUR NETWORK Saturday. What's your takeon it? Foregone conclusion? Upset?

Dan Rafael: I'm really psyched that as long as HBO turned it down, we have it on ESPN Classic. I do like Wladimir in the fight. I view Chagaev as a better version of Ibragimov, but not that much better. I think Wlad will control him with the jab. I didn't think Chagaev looked good at all in the Feb fight with Drummond. Wlad is anxious to fight and sounds a little mean right now. If you can't watch the fight on Classic, I will be providing round by round scores for the Bottom Line on the various ESPN networks.

Steve (NJ): where are you going to be NEXT SATURDAY?

Lord Bendover (Brooklyn, NY): Thanks Dan. Wlad getting a little mean is a good thing. He will be seeing Haye not Chagaev in there!

Charles (Philly): Florida seems like kind of a random site for Vic-Agbeko. Is there a backstory?

Dan Rafael: Not really, just that Don King has lost a step when it comes to finding sites and selling tickets.

Bert (Minneapolis): D$- love the blog comment about Cotto's heart being an example to Guererro. That is how a great fight should act in adversity. That's another reason why people love Cotto.

Jeremy (Nashville): Hey Dan, I can't believe it but my wife wants to attend the Paquiao/Cotto fight in November if it happens! What's the chances though that a regular fight fan could get a ticket? Slim and none?

Dan Rafael: Good luck!

Josh (Miami): I don't believe 116-111 is that ridiculous of a score when you consider the knockdown. I think Clottey may have been on his way to winning the first round before he got knocked down. That's a three point swing in the score difference right there.

James (Boston): Hey Dan, is ESPN going to show any of the undercards to Klitschko-Chagaev? I'm loving these 5:00 pm afternoon fights but I always like the 'built up' to the main event with some good undercard fights...

Dan Rafael: No, we are only showing the main event.

Jess (NJ): Who from ESPN is calling the fight tomorrow, will they be doing it from Studio in Bristol?

Dan Rafael: It will be done from Bristol. Robert Flores will handle blow by blow and BJ Flores will be the analyst. Brian Kenny was unavailable and Joe and Teddy are unable to get back to Bristol from tonight's FNF in Laredo, Texas, in time.

Mikey (Levittown, NY): Can we get your official pick for Klitschko-Chagaev?

Dan Rafael: I already gave it. Wladimir.

Joel Julio (v): Hi dad, Happy Fathers Day

Dan Rafael: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the Love Child.

Louis (Montreal): In Montreal papers, they said it was goign to be either Andrade or Froch against Bute for the next match. Will Froch be a good fight, because we know Andrade will be?

Dan Rafael: The IBF called for a purse bid today on the Bute-Andrade rematch. It will probably be the rematch next for Bute.

David (Old Bridge, NJ): I just wanted to give credit to Larry Merchant for originally coming up with the idea for Pacquiao to face Oscar last year. That fight really opened the door to Manny having huge fights with (then-bigger) 140 and 147 lb guys, such as Hatton, Cotto and hopefully Mayweather down the road.

Bronk (Dillsburg, PA): Why doesn't Chad Dawson (a CT resisident) ever have a big fight at one of the CT casinos? Why wouldn't his team try and build up his popularity locally and then expand? I always hear that he doesn't bring enought to the table in regard sto big $$$

Dan Rafael: As his promoter.

Dan Rafael: Ask his promoter.

Tejinder (Toronto): heyyy dtm....were ticket sales for floyd vs marquez as poor as rumoured?

Dan Rafael: That is what I was told, not to mention you could buy all the tickets you wanted on the Ticketmaster Web site, which I check all the time to get an idea of what is available for each fight. Leonard Ellerbe called me yesterday to strong object to the notion that ticket sales were soft.

Matt (NYC): Does a knock down in a round make a round a automatic 10-8 round?

Eric (Chicago): I guess Mayweather was the B-side to Hatton and De La Hoya...

Dan Rafael: You think?

Manny Chi [via mobile]: U suck

Dan Rafael: So do you.

Darin (Silver Spring): I think they should match Cintron up with Clottey....I think that would be a great fight...what about you?

Dan Rafael: Not really. I have no interest in that. Clottey deserves something bigger and better.

Jamesa (Ottawa): Don't want to get to far ahead Judge Dan, but do you think Cotto stands a chance with PacMan. I think PacMan just wears him down over 12 rounds for a clean sweep.

Dan Rafael: Will be a great fight I believe. I wouldn't write off either guy. How could you do that?

AJ (Strathcona, MN): Who would win in a fight: A dead horse or Banishment? I've got A dead horse in 5.

Michael ((Visalia, CA)): Good morning D$, how many more fights before Urbano Antillon gets a title shot? I really enjoy his fights.

Ryan (Richmond): Dan, don't get me wrong, I love the fact that ESPN Classic picked up the fight, but is there not enough interest for the fight to be on ESPN? How about broadcast channels like CBS or ABC?

Bing (Philly): Pacman has never fought a true welterweight. Cotto can box

Dan Rafael: De La Hoya is a true welterweight my man. Maybe not in his prime, but a true welterweight.

Andrew (Columbus): Rafael Danquez... I just saw Sithchatchawal-Monshipour for the first time --- wow!

Dan Rafael: Now you know why it was the fight of the year a few years back.

Rusty (Philly): Dan, get some new glasses you blind b*stard. No way in hell that Cotto-Clottey was 116-111. Get off of Cotto's wagon pal.

Jamesa (Ottawa): Don't want to get to far ahead Judge Dan, but do you think Cotto stands a chance with PacMan. I think PacMan just wears him down over 12 rounds for a clean sweep.

Darin (Silver Spring): I think they should match Cintron up with Clottey....I think that would be a great fight...what about you?

Manny Chi [via mobile]: U suck

Eric (Chicago): I guess Mayweather was the B-side to Hatton and De La Hoya...

Dan Rafael: Go play in traffic.

Luke (Danbury, CT): Is Delvin fighting Isaac H at Mohegan on Aug 1?

Grey (Cape Cod): I want to buy that arbitrator a beer.

Dan Rafael: Stand in line, Freak.

Dan Rafael: By the way -- a few people have asked when tickets go on sale for Bradley-Campbell. Here is that info: Tickets go on sale July 3, at 10 a.m. (PT) and will be available for purchase online at www.HotWaterCasino.com/TheShow or by calling (800) 585-3737.

Mr. Ed (Dead): Stop beating me!

Tim (NYC): Any thoughts on Fight Night Round 4 coming out next week?

Dan Rafael: I've heard it is supposed to be terrific and I have seen some animation and screen shots and it looks impressive.

Randy (Shanghai): How come Cotto went up in your P4P rankings when the Ring Magazine lowered Cotto in the welterweight rankings based off of the same fight?

Kelby (Omaha): Dan, Had a bachelor party on sat. Still managed to watch the fight... at 4 am ... tough one to stay awake for ..but worth it :) good fight.

Luke (Danbury, CT): Is Delvin fighting Isaac H at Mohegan on Aug 1?

Rusty (Philly): Dan, get some new glasses you blind b*stard. No way in hell that Cotto-Clottey was 116-111. Get off of Cotto's wagon pal.

Dan Rafael: Go play in traffic.

Andrew (Columbus): Rafael Danquez... I just saw Sithchatchawal-Monshipour for the first time --- wow!

Dan Rafael: OK, Freaks, that's a wrap. Thanks for the chat. Hopefully, the bugs get ironed out with this chat. Enjoy the fights this weekend -- especially Klitschko-Chagaev -- and make sure to check out the notebook and blogs. Talk to you next week from Atlantic City. Peace