The Mag's Ultimate Standings 2013

SINCE LAUNCHING the Ultimate Standings 10 years ago, we've stuck to our tried-and-true four-step approach to ranking every MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL team. First, with the help of Chicago consulting firm Maddock Douglas, we surveyed 1,011 sports fans across North America in the spring to determine what they want most in return for the emotion, money and time they invest in their favorite clubs. Our poll covered 25 topics, from "has likable players" to "provides an avenue for fans to give feedback to the franchise."

Next, through and NetReflector, a Seattle opinion research company, we asked fans to rate their favorite teams online in each category. (Thanks to the 59,298 of you who responded!) We grouped the grades into seven of the eight subjects you see at right.

For the remaining category, bang for the buck, we relied on calculations we've developed with researchers at the University of Oregon's Warsaw Sports Marketing Center to figure out how efficiently teams convert revenues from fans into performance on the field (including postseason victories).

Finally, we combined each team's score across all eight categories into a weighted average, based on the results of our national poll. Since fans said affordability was about 40 percent more important than stadium experience, for example, our formula reflects that.

The result: the 2013 Ultimate Standings, the only rankings that combine fan perspectives with an objective measure of how well teams turn dollars into wins. Ultimately, it all counts.

Title track: 3.6 percent
Championships won or expected within the lifetime of current fans.
1. Baltimore Ravens
122. Milwaukee Bucks

Ownership: 10.2 percent
Honesty and loyalty to core players and to the community.
1. San Antonio Spurs
122. Miami Marlins

Coaching: 3.1 percent
Strength of on-field leadership.
1. San Antonio Spurs
122. Charlotte Bobcats

Players: 11.3 percent
Effort on the field, likability off it.
1. San Antonio Spurs
122. Sacramento Kings

Fan relations: 25.2 percent
Courtesy of players, coaches and front offices toward fans and how well a team uses technology to reach them.
1. San Antonio Spurs
122. Sacramento Kings

Affordability: 17.4 percent
Price of tickets, parking and concessions.
1.Indiana Pacers
122. Toronto Maple Leafs

Stadium experience: 12.4 percent
Quality of venue, fan-friendliness of environment, frequency of game-day promotions.
1. San Francisco Giants
122. Sacramento Kings

Bang for the buck: 16.8 percent
1. Indiana Pacers
122. Toronto Maple Leafs

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1.Baltimore Orioles2214023
2.San Francisco Giants1211
3.Green Bay Packers53222
4.Seattle Seahawks2845426
5.Pittsburgh Pirates1051521
6.Minnesota Twins206459
7.Minnesota Wild197487
8.Indianapolis Colts1483012
9.Brooklyn Nets3696918
10.Colorado Rockies48106049
11.Dallas Cowboys771011170
12.Milwaukee Brewers31238
13.Pittsburgh Penguins41256
14.Philadelphia Phillies18142229
15.Baltimore Ravens26154519
16.Memphis Grizzlies7161110
17.St. Louis Cardinals21724
18.Indiana Pacers11181712
19.Orlando Magic32195817
20.Seattle Mariners39204752
21.Los Angeles Lakers54217149
22.New York Knicks71218872
23.Los Angeles Kings17212019
24.Houston Texans42245635
25.Arizona Cardinals792410676
26.New Jersey Devils33244930
27.Chicago Blackhawks627711
28.Columbus Blue Jackets30284038
29.Montreal Canadiens51296548
30.New York Rangers72298974
31.Kansas City Chiefs733110363
32.San Jose Sharks21312715
33.Detroit Tigers23331930
34.San Diego Padres65348456
35.Dallas Mavericks15352014
36.Oklahoma City Thunder83695
37.Kansas City Royals25371743
38.Chicago Bulls34384338
39.New England Patriots60398042
40.Los Angeles Clippers47405043
41.Pittsburgh Steelers50406235
42.Cleveland Indians37422565
43.Denver Broncos53425955
44.Nashville Predators1344823
45.Boston Red Sox854511380
46.Tampa Bay Buccaneers70457873
47.New Orleans Saints45475333
48.Texas Rangers12481115
49.San Antonio Spurs948103
50.Tampa Bay Lightning29503527
51.Boston Celtics58516846
52.Los Angeles Dodgers61522986
53.Miami Heat35533635
54.Anaheim Ducks40545021
55.Portland Trail Blazers41554241
56.Houston Rockets43563649
57.Carolina Hurricanes27561534
58.Cincinnati Reds1658430
59.New York Yankees74597977
60.Denver Nuggets56605457
61.Chicago Cubs946187104
62.Washington Nationals44623346
63.Arizona Diamondbacks24621423
64.Detroit Lions1016211795
65.Los Angeles Angels31651357
66.Philadelphia Eagles86669392
67.Philadelphia Flyers67666171
68.Phoenix Coyotes66686269
69.Atlanta Braves46693245
70.Cleveland Cavaliers38702738
71.Washington Capitals63716259
72.Boston Bruins69727068
73.New York Mets80738683
74.New York Giants847410578
75.Vancouver Canucks88759688
76.Ottawa Senators55763863
77.Houston Astros91779099
78.Miami Marlins10378108112
79.Utah Jazz62785261
80.St. Louis Blues52803353
81.Winnipeg Jets75819153
82.Detroit Pistons76826681
83.Dallas Stars81837390
84.Colorado Avalanche10084108100
85.Golden State Warriors49853128
86.Toronto Maple Leafs10586118103
87.Charlotte Bobcats82877484
88.Jacksonville Jaguars68885666
89.Toronto Raptors95899491
90.Chicago Bears979010498
91.Buffalo Sabres87909179
92.Florida Panthers83927584
93.Chicago White Sox57932462
94.Atlanta Hawks89948587
95.Detroit Red Wings59952666
96.Phoenix Suns969610094
97.Carolina Panthers93979982
98.Washington Wizards98989695
99.New Orleans Pelicans64993859
100.Atlanta Falcons781006775
101.New York Jets112101120116
102.Cincinnati Bengals114102121108
103.Tennessee Titans991029697
104.Cleveland Browns107104116111
105.Philadelphia 76ers921057293
106.San Francisco 49ers10210682101
107.Calgary Flames106107100107
108.Washington Redskins110108112108
109.Buffalo Bills108109106106
110.Miami Dolphins109110110105
111.Minnesota Timberwolves10411182102
112.St. Louis Rams113112102113
113.Edmonton Oilers119113114117
114.Toronto Blue Jays11111480115
115.Minnesota Vikings11711595110
116.San Diego Chargers120116119120
117.Tampa Bay Rays90117689
118.New York Islanders11811875118
119.Milwaukee Bucks11511977114
120.Oakland Raiders121120115121
121.Oakland Athletics11612144119
122.Sacramento Kings122122122122


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