The Mag's Ultimate Standings 2013

SINCE LAUNCHING the Ultimate Standings 10 years ago, we've stuck to our tried-and-true four-step approach to ranking every MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL team. First, with the help of Chicago consulting firm Maddock Douglas, we surveyed 1,011 sports fans across North America in the spring to determine what they want most in return for the emotion, money and time they invest in their favorite clubs. Our poll covered 25 topics, from "has likable players" to "provides an avenue for fans to give feedback to the franchise."

Next, through and NetReflector, a Seattle opinion research company, we asked fans to rate their favorite teams online in each category. (Thanks to the 59,298 of you who responded!) We grouped the grades into seven of the eight subjects you see at right.

For the remaining category, bang for the buck, we relied on calculations we've developed with researchers at the University of Oregon's Warsaw Sports Marketing Center to figure out how efficiently teams convert revenues from fans into performance on the field (including postseason victories).

Finally, we combined each team's score across all eight categories into a weighted average, based on the results of our national poll. Since fans said affordability was about 40 percent more important than stadium experience, for example, our formula reflects that.

The result: the 2013 Ultimate Standings, the only rankings that combine fan perspectives with an objective measure of how well teams turn dollars into wins. Ultimately, it all counts.

Title track: 3.6 percent
Championships won or expected within the lifetime of current fans.
1. Baltimore Ravens
122. Milwaukee Bucks

Ownership: 10.2 percent
Honesty and loyalty to core players and to the community.
1. San Antonio Spurs
122. Miami Marlins

Coaching: 3.1 percent
Strength of on-field leadership.
1. San Antonio Spurs
122. Charlotte Bobcats

Players: 11.3 percent
Effort on the field, likability off it.
1. San Antonio Spurs
122. Sacramento Kings

Fan relations: 25.2 percent
Courtesy of players, coaches and front offices toward fans and how well a team uses technology to reach them.
1. San Antonio Spurs
122. Sacramento Kings

Affordability: 17.4 percent
Price of tickets, parking and concessions.
1.Indiana Pacers
122. Toronto Maple Leafs

Stadium experience: 12.4 percent
Quality of venue, fan-friendliness of environment, frequency of game-day promotions.
1. San Francisco Giants
122. Sacramento Kings

Bang for the buck: 16.8 percent
1. Indiana Pacers
122. Toronto Maple Leafs

Click on table headings to sort by category.

1.Green Bay Packers324316419518
2.Houston TexansN/AN/A88406213760
3.Kansas City Chiefs5444419105233
4.Tennessee Titans74891913112721
5.Baltimore Ravens22773612411612356
6.New England Patriots132922327422869
7.Denver Broncos1953429552434207
8.Seattle Seahawks548052368026664278
9.Pittsburgh Steelers163720133030423629
10.Tampa Bay Buccaneers321092437731782515
11.Carolina Panthers4211267233140322144
12.Philadelphia Eagles23234538262274061
13.St. Louis Rams344335526663337518
14.Washington Redskins921088585115689510535
15.Cincinnati Bengals7410398896872771071
16.Detroit Lions1071209788987511250115
17.Dallas Cowboys36736539377649113
18.Jacksonville Jaguars7511589645478757349
19.Cleveland Browns110841189594791089797
20.Miami Dolphins578573350807311066
21.Atlanta Falcons7026753826869610273
22.New Orleans Saints7833869649879169102
23.Chicago Bears10360109931088910412057
24.Buffalo Bills9667766751939912190
25.Indianapolis Colts4011399025102303150
26.San Francisco 49ers72319572831046310117
27.Oakland Raiders104691111051001088711528
28.Minnesota Vikings10690108107881131006383
29.San Diego Chargers11894116118111117114114110
30.New York Jets8161818199118764876
31.Arizona Cardinals1196411911795121117104120


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