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December 06, 2001

Vegas vacation?
By Joanne Dibble

Since we arrived on Friday, it has been nonstop. I have barely slept at all. Ron, I mean Rob and I saw early signs that this was going to be an interesting weekend. Less than five minutes after walking into the MGM Grand, we met Tony Curtis and his wife (who has way more hair and boobs than anyone I know).

I'm showing my age by spending too much time with Jason Giambi. Just hanging out with him? I can't handle it.

Than about two seconds later Frankie Valli walked in. He's about the same height as me and I'm only 5-foot-2. You don't get much more Vegas than those guys.

Later that night, proof that Rob's luck is not immune to the desert air, we got in a cab accident that took off the entire front part of the cab. The guy in front of us just started backing up and didn't stop. Needless to say, our cab driver was not a happy man.

Saturday we spent the day at the Big League Challenge and Saturday night we went to see EFX Alive with Rick Springfield. After listening to "Jessie's Girl" and other Springfield classics, we saw magician Lance Burton. This was just an amazing show. If you ever get the chance to see him in person, you should. You just can't believe how good he is. Our seats were third-row center and we were floored by how incredible he is.

I'm showing my age by spending too much time with Jason Giambi. Just hanging out with him? I can't handle it. I need some sleep. To sum up his mentality, his favorite saying is, "Live like a porn star, party like a rock star, hit like an All-Star." All three things I can't do.

We're so tired, but we've been having a blast. And we're enjoying every minute of it because before you know it, we'll be home.

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