Nick Kyrgios rails at umpire about crowd 'circus' at Aussie Open

MELBOURNE -- This time, Nick Kyrgios couldn't believe his ears.

Late in the second set against Tomas Berdych, annoyed that he heard music during the middle of his point, the combustible Aussie roared at chair umpire James Keothavong.

"Mate, are you OK?" Kyrgios asked, rhetorically. "There's music playing in the crowd while we are playing. I've told you seven times. Mate!"

Kyrgios, who ultimately fell 6-3, 6-4, 1-6, 6-4 to Berdych in the third round of the Australian Open, then walked toward the stands to poll the crowd.

"Am I hearing things? Am I hearing things? Mate, it's a circus! So there's music allowed to be played? Did you hear something? So why did you not tell them to turn it off? Because you have a mic right there!"

Kyrgios' frustrations boiled over early in the third set. "You really know how to control a match, buddy. There's guys throwing balls back into the crowd. And you have music playing while we're playing. Good control. It's a f---ing joke."

Afterward, Kyrgios elaborated in his postmatch news conference.

"I don't know where [the music] came from," Kyrgios said. "The ref was telling me he couldn't hear it. I could blatantly hear it. So unless you can start playing tennis when there's music in the background, that's a new rule. They need to add it to the rule book."

Berdych's take?

"Well, honestly, difficult. I mean, it was probably on my side," the Czech said. "I don't know. But I was really just trying to stay focused, trying to be close for myself, and that's it. I've been through many very loud matches, so I'm probably able to block these things, just leave the noise on the side.

"So, you know, it's questionable. So difficult to say."

This latest episode happened two days after Kyrgios' wardrobe malfunction.

Against Pablo Cuevas on Wednesday, Kyrgios was visibly enraged with himself for wearing the wrong shorts to the court. For a set and a half, he pleaded with his camp to get him a longer, more comfortable, pair. Finally, they obliged, and Kyrgios went to the locker room and came back with a fresh pair.

Kyrgios' attire wasn't the issue Friday. Berdych's game, however, was problematic. The 6-foot-5 Czech slugged 44 winners to reach the fourth round for the sixth straight year.

The match ended when Kyrgios sailed a second serve long at 14-40, 4-5 in the fourth. But he wasn't done.

After a brief embrace with Berdych at the net, Kyrgios walked over to Keothavong, reluctantly shook his hand and gave the chair umpire one final piece of his mind: "That was terrible refereeing."