Wayne Gretzky, Mike Tyson part of the scene at Indian Wells

Gretzky and his wife, Janet Jones, watch Eugenie Bouchard from her box at Indian Wells on Saturday night. Tyson, Hilary Swank and Ellison were among an eclectic group of celebrities also seen in the stands. AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

INDIAN WELLS, Calif. -- It can be intimidating playing a top-ranked and very famous opponent such as Serena Williams or Roger Federer. But it also can be a little nerve-racking when there is a celebrity watching you play from the stands.

Just ask Canadian Eugenie Bouchard how she felt when she saw that Wayne Gretzky was watching her match on Saturday evening against Sloane Stephens in Stadium 1 at Indian Wells.

"As soon as I saw him in the box, I got nervous," Bouchard said. "Actually, as soon as I saw him, I lost a game and played pretty bad, and I was wondering if he would leave or whatever. I was thinking, I have to get my game up a little."

She did, beating Stephens in two tight sets, 7-5, 7-5.

Who beside The Great One would make Bouchard nervous -- or more nervous -- while watching her play?

"That's a hard question," she said. "The prime minister? The president?"

Or perhaps Justin Bieber, whom Bouchard once said she had a crush on (and then covered her mouth in embarrassment).

None of those three were at Indian Wells, but there were other big names in the stands. Over in Stadium 2, boxing great Mike Tyson was watching Mike and Bob Bryan rally to beat Rafael Nadal and Fernando Verdasco. So was another boxing great, or at least a cinematic boxing great: Hilary Swank, who won an Academy Award for her portrayal of a fighter in "Million Dollar Baby."

"There were a bunch of A-list celebrities out there," Mike Bryan said. "It was pretty cool. We were watching the big screen when we were sitting down on changeovers and saw Mike Tyson, Larry Ellison, Hilary Swank. Our friend Kaley Cuoco was out there. She's considered an A-lister."

Those may have been the most famous names, but the entire stadium was packed with fans, who even stood and did the wave, while more fans waited outside to get in.

"That place rocks like no other," Bob Bryan said. "We have talked about playing a Davis Cup match there because that would be perfect place. Fans feel like they are on top of the court. The noise really resonates in that place, and it can get really loud.

"You put stars on the court, people are going to show up. Put Nadal out there and it doesn't matter if he's playing mixed doubles or brushing his teeth, people are coming to watch."

The Bryans said their favorite Swank movie is "Million Dollar Baby." Mike Bryan said that if Swank was to make a movie about a tennis player, perhaps it could be Maria Sharapova.

Speaking of Sharapova (and when haven't people been talking about her this week?), the tennis legend was an important figure to Bouchard. She said she was shocked and disappointed to hear she tested positive for the banned substance meldonium.

"She was an idol of mine growing up," Bouchard said. "To think of your childhood idol and wonder if it was a lie, it really affected me a lot."

Well, she still has The Great One.