Top tennis tweets of 2011

Some of this year's best tennis tweets:

1. "Mr roddick my mom wants your autograph. You're her 3rd favorite player." From a 9 year old at breakfast....... Lie to me kid!!! -- @andyroddick

2. My 9 year old nephew "uncle andy I know you play tennis, but what do you do for a job?" -- @andyroddick

3. Apparently [Pippa Middleton] was at the tennis yesterday, was wondering why none of the photographers were focusing on the tennis -- @andy_murray during Queen's.

4. Definition of a bad day…when you sign an autograph for a kid at the tennis and he looks you square in the eyes and says..thanks Brad! -- @darren_cahill

5. [I]ts kind of drizzy outside expect a lil wayne -- @sloanestephens

6. Enjoying listening to the golf commentary, calm, positive, entertaining, insightful, no big egos...Refreshing -- @andy_murray during the British Open, which began shortly after Wimbledon.

7. Wow. U can get odds of 20-1 that I'm going to wolf whistle at Deliciano during the quarter final tmrw. Whaaaaat? -- @judmoo (tennis coach and Feliciano Lopez fan Judy Murray) wondering where that came from.

8. Sooo @judmoo,I met Deliciano today and he was wondering if you would be willing to coach us for our mixed doubles?Ur experience!What u say?... Aaaah, that's too bad. But you get 5% from the price money and a picture with Deliciano! -- @andreapetkovic

9. I would rather have 5% of Deliciano and a picture of the prize money. -- @judmoo

10. Kids: If you work hard enough, u can fly private like @MardyFish. If you play doubles, u can mooch off the game's elite -- @Bryanbros

11. If you know James Blake's num text him right now. He is in Europe and it costs him 50 cents -- @MardyFish

12. Question -- I keep hearing about an admittance to someone cheating me & lying about it after at the French open? Did she confess finally? -- @serenawilliams on Justine Henin's comments about the hand incident.

13. Preach @RafaelNadal preach! My Fellow Booty Brother!!! #gobigbutts lol -- @serenawilliams in response to Rafael Nadal's TV interview during the U.S. Open complaining that the players were not protected.

14. In tennis terms Donald Young became a man today -- @PatrickMcEnroe on Young winning a five-setter to reach the third round of the U.S. Open.

15. Woohoo! We r in quarters! I can get even more wimbledon towels now -- @arodionova, who apparently has her priorities in line.

16. @ryanharrison92 Those are the kinda tweets that get ya unfollowed ... @ryanharrison92 Strike 2 Harry. One more of those tweets and your unfollowed.... @ryanharrison92 Strike 3 Harry -- @MardyFish, maintaining Twitter standards for the next generation. (The tweets were about a restaurant, a practice session and range balls. Fish's next tweet?: After a long 2 days off, training begins... at usta training center.)

17. There is no other sport like tennis. I just battled for 3 hours 40 mins for 7 ranking points and 300 dollars. The other guy got nothing! -- @J_A_Baker

18. Security guy in front of the locker room asks me: Can I see your credential? I go, sure, its on my bag. He goes I was joking, I know who u are... I go in to the locker room and I can hear him say to his friend, That was Dementieva.. Haha -- @carowozniacki

19. @carowozniacki I know you had a very good day in London ;) -- @laurarobson5, in response to Wozniacki reporting she had a good day in London, shortly before photos on the Internet showed her on a secret date with Rory McIlroy.

20. So happy I snatched this twitter name before all the other Vasek Pospisil's in North America start using twitter -- @VasekPospisil

Tweeter of the year -- Ivo Karlovic

Who knew? The once-shy, giant-serving 6-foot-10 Croatian is unleashing his funny side online

This week every day is monday.

Watching Federer Monaco match. There's no ball kids. There's bald kids. -- on the age of the U.S. Open ball kids.

They had a question on Espn2: "Who do you think is the best server in tennis? Isner, Roddick or Federer?" What do you think?
-- noticing someone missing from the list.

I'm in Canada! The land of Raonic, Dancevic and Nestorovic.

It's ok. @CaroWozniacki can copy my jokes. I don't mind. I can even write them for her.
-- after Caroline Wozniacki's joke used the same punch line as the tweet below.

I practiced with @DjokerNole today. He played pretty well. Looks like he might end his losing streak..of 1. -- after the No. 1-ranked Serb lost his first match of the season, in the French Open semifinals.

Th[e]y say you learn from your mistakes.. If that's true @DjokerNole didn't learn anything this year. -- before the No. 1-ranked Serb lost his first match fo the season.

If you want to know someone's true personality, call his ball out.

Everything is slower in Europe. Even the surface.

I'm gonna have to be first sit-down comedian. Height issues.

Kamakshi Tandon is a freelance tennis writer for ESPN.com.