Madden NFL 09: Cursed!

If you believe in this sort of thing, you happen to have a very good chance of breaking a very important bone in your body if you're named the cover athlete of EA's Madden NFL football game. How else do you explain the strange rash of injuries and/or dips in production that have affected the careers of the ill-fated cover athletes?

As EA prepares to name the cover athlete of Madden NFL 09 at the 2008 NFL Draft, it's important to point out that the game of football is inherently violent, and it's an outright blessing to last an entire 16-game season unscathed. But based on the evidence at hand, Madden cover athletes may as well take the field carrying a black cat and a broken mirror, because their luck is not getting any better, and we have actual numbers to prove it. Here's the breakdown:

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