"NCAA 10": UNC voted toughest place

EA Sports is designing a new feature for "NCAA Basketball 10" that will showcase how difficult it is for opposing teams to win on the road in front of a raucous crowd. So the producers of the game put up an online poll to have fans vote on the toughest places to play in the sport. The gaming giant received over 200,000 votes from fans eager to speak up for their favorite schools, and North Carolina came out on top, beating out everyone from Clemson to Duke.

According to the results, the 15 "Toughest Places to Play" in college basketball are:

"College basketball fans have spoken and they have determined once and for all the most difficult places to play in college basketball," adds "NCAA Basketball 10" producer, Connor Dougan. "Now we are going to design a feature that authentically reflects how difficult it is for opposing teams to play and win at these venues."