MLG Pro Sitdown: Cpt Anarchy


It's Tourney time, baby!

And I need some help filling out my bracket. Luckily, I've got Cpt Anarchy, yet another MLG veteran, to take time away from practice to share his knowledge with me.


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The Captain has been around the block. He played in his first MLG event in 2005, then went pro in 2006. He's played with the best. Str8 Rippin, Redemption and Carbon are all on the resume. And going into his fifth year of tournament play, he knows the lay of the land.

He is playing his best. Coming off a third-place finish in Vegas, everyone would agree -- The Captain was en fuego.

He is known for playing aggressive, on and off the consol. He talks trash, has fun and always speaks his mind.

He gets in your head. This wouldn't matter if he was a noob like me, but when he's dropping you left and right and reminding you how good he is, you may have a little trouble pinpointing that next snipe.

He comes with no filter. No sugar-coating at all. He's vintage Carbon. In other words, he's the perfect interview.

And he's perfect for helping me fill out this dang bracket!

So without further ado, we bring to you ... Cpt Anarchy.

TheBuckStuff: First off, you have to break down this story about Fonzi putting on handicap during a tournament.

Cpt Anarchy: The infamous handicap! It was 2007 and I was playing on fourth-seeded Redemption. We were upset by 5k and went to the losers' bracket. One of our teammates, AYB Fonzi, put handicap on during Game 4 by accident. Game 5, he was down two shots every time. He was just getting dominated. At one point, he got overshield and was out-meleed. I remember wondering, "Is he just that bad or is something fishy?" We lost 10 kills because of that, and lost the game 50 to 46. We went from probably Top 6 at Charlotte to Top 16. Ridiculous.

TBS: That's an absolutely ridiculous story. Have you ever heard of anything else like that happening?

Cpt Anarchy: Maybe a controller getting unplugged. I don't know. I've never heard of anything of that sort. I didn't know what to say. I felt bad for him. I felt bad for our team.

TBS: How did he react?

Cpt Anarchy: He stomped out of the venue red-faced! (Laughs)

TBS: How has this off-season been for you?

Cpt Anarchy I've been known to have some ridiculous post game celebrations over my career. I'm passionate, just like any other athlete from any other sport. Kobe, LeBron, you know. They like to react when their teams do well.

-- Cpt Anarchy

Cpt Anarchy: The off-season has been pretty good. After Vegas, I took off a couple months. I went back to Arizona to visit my family and some friends who were back from school. It was a good two months. And, afterwards, I started practicing again.

TBS: Going into the off-season, you were on absolute fire. You stepped your game up another level in Vegas.

Cpt Anarchy: Well, after coming in third two straight years then not even making it to Vegas in 2007, I was itching to get back. I turned on Beast Mode. I wanted to win more than anything.

TBS: Has Beast Mode stayed on through the summer?

Cpt Anarchy: Absolutely. I'm as hungry now as I was going into Vegas.

TBS: I need you to help me fill out my bracket. First, does Xit Woundz have any chance at upsetting Str8?

Cpt Anarchy: No. That game won't be much of anything. Str8 is the defending National Champion. They are prepared and should be sharp first round. I expect 3-0.

TBS: What about Str8 losing to Status Quo in LAN?

Cpt Anarchy: I don't keep up with that stuff. Str8 was probably just not ready to LAN. I didn't see them practicing much before that. They'll be ready.

TBS: Your team, Carbon, has Antigravity in the first round. What do you know about them?

Cpt Anarchy: I rememeber the old Antigravity. I don't know much about the new players. I expect 3-0 or 3-1. We shouldn't lose to them unless we play absolutely awful.

TBS: Have you scouted them at all?

Cpt Anarchy: Not really. I'm not even sure who they have. They had Gunshot and Eli last year, and they were alright. I think some of their guys were on Fatal Images. They didn't make it to the Championships by one game. I know Gunshot is good, and I think MudVayne is solid.

TBS: Let's move onto Classic vs. Believe the Hype.

Cpt Anarchy: To be honest, I have no idea how either team plays. I'll take Classic here, but I think it will go to Game 5. Believe the Hype has a bunch of young kids. Maybe they are ready to break out. They may have what it takes to pull the upset.

TBS: Heaven and Earth vs. Triggers Down? Everyone is hypin' Heaven and Earth ...

Cpt Anarchy: I don't think Heaven and Earth will be as good as everyone says. No offense. Triggers Down is Top 3 at any tournament.

TBS: Here's a good one. Final Boss vs. The Incredibles. The Battle of BrOgre.

Cpt Anarchy: I think that's just ridiculous. I have no idea how that happened. I don't think Ogre 1 has as good of a team as Ogre 2. Ogre 1 is looking to have fun and Ogre 2 is looking to win. I think Ogre 2 will destroy Ogre 1. The 1v1 BR fights should be fun to watch.

TBS: Before I ask you who will win the Status Quo vs. VG The New Order matchup, I have to ask what is up with that team name -- VG The New Order? Could it be the worst team name ever?

Cpt Anarchy: I don't know what that even means. We always thought Classic had a pretty bad name, but VG is pretty bad, too. (Laughs)

TBS: Who do you think wins that matchup?

Cpt Anarchy: I don't think VG is practicing that much, while SQ is putting in hours and are very prepared. I think SQ pulls a 3-0 or a close 3-1.

TBS: A lot of commotion going on in the background here ... what's that all about?

Cpt Anarchy: My teammates are playing right now and they are losing 36-30.

TBS: Keep me updated on that during the interview. How about Ambush vs. Darkest Hour?

Cpt Anarchy: Ambush was a team last season but their two best players left. I'd say this one is a toss up. I'd go with Darkest Hour. They are putting in more hours than Ambush and they have good teamwork.

TBS: And Instinct vs. The Riot?

Cpt Anarchy: Instinct will take that 3-0. They are probably one of the better of the Top 3 teams.

TBS: How about their second-round matchup?

Cpt Anarchy: Instinct will advance. They'll beat Darkest Hour 3-0 or 3-1. By the way, my teammates just got beat 50-47. They aren't happy. Do you want the other teams' gamertags? (Laughs)

TBS: Absolutely!

Cpt Anarchy: Crap. Nevermind, they're gone now.

TBS: They could have been famous. I'm sure they'll post online anyway. How about the potential SQ vs. Final Boss series?

Cpt Anarchy: I think that will be a good series. I don't know what their scores were in LAN, but LAN can only mean so much. When the pressure is on, when everyone is watching, it's a different story. They both have solid teams with up-and-comers. I guess I'm going to have to take FB. Ogre 2 wants it more than last year after splitting from his brother. I expect him to be dominating like before. He's been on a lot and has been putting in hours.

TBS: We've got Triggers Down advancing to play Classic. What will happen there?

Cpt Anarchy: Triggers Down should take Classic 3-0 or 3-1. TD is the best squad going into Meadowlands. I think they'll make it to the mainstage and beat Str8 Rippin. They've been dominating.

TBS: Wait a second. Shouldn't Carbon be in that game? How do you beat Str8?

Cpt Anarchy: We've played against Str8 a lot. They outplayed us last year in Game 5. Contstruct Team Slayer has been running through my head since. We can beat them. I think we can beat any team.

TBS: And if you beat Str8, you will probably have to play Triggers Down. Ghostayame said there may be something between you and SK. In fact, he asked me to ask you about that. Break it down, my friend.

Cpt Anarchy: At Vegas, we knew we could beat Triggers Down. I've been known to have some ridiculous post game celebrations over my career. I'm passionate, just like any other athlete from any other sport. Kobe, LeBron, you know. They like to react when their teams do well. Towards the end of the series, I was yelling, "It's time, it's gunna happen!" I knew we were going to win. "Guys, we got this, we just have to play our game and we got this." We started yelling a little bit to get in the other teams' heads. Whatever. Whatever SK has against me, I don't care about it. It's just drama. Little girl stuff. High school girl drama.

TBS: Well, if they weren't already, I think everyone is looking forward to that matchup now. Tell us about your new squad.

Cpt Anarchy: I love my new team. I love playing with Soviet. He just kills people over and over again. I watch the stuff he does and learn from it. I take it and put it into my game. I've gotten better since he's been here. Ghost is the best support player in the league. He has the most assists every game. And Shockwave just kills people and runs objective. Everyone gets along well and we have a good time.

TBS: Have you experienced Soviet Mode yet?

Cpt Anarchy: Soviet Mode spawned a few days ago. Now we're all on Soviet Mode.

TBS: Last question. This one, again, is from Ghostayame. Who is going to win the NBA Finals?

Cpt Anarchy: This one is easy. I've been a Lakers fan since I was 5 years old. We don't even have Bynum in the lineup, but this is our year. As soon as Kobe gets off this injury, we'll be ready to take the Playoffs. Don't I get to pick who gets interviewed next?

TBS: Shoot.

Cpt Anarchy: StrongSide. He's my boy. We used to be really tight so I want to know what he's up to these days.

TBS: And your three questions for StrongSide?

Cpt Anarchy: 1) Whatever happened to the infamous "StrongSide doesn't choke dual magnums?" 2) What was it like to team with Final Boss compared to anyone else you've teamed with? 3) Whatever happened to the Lion King theme song?

TBS: Lion King?

Cpt Anarchy: (Laughs) He used to play the Lion King theme song before every single game. He would play it through his mic. "Naaaaaaants ingonyamaaaaa, baghiti babaaaa!" It was funny.

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