'NHL 10' features GM mode

Do you think of yourself as someone who is better at putting together a team than actually playing as that team on the virtual ice? "NHL 10" is going to give you the chance to put that hockey brain power to work with the newly announced GM mode, a feature where gamers are put in charge of an NHL team and can run that organization like a legend or run it into the ground.

The elements involved in GM mode include the ability to scout players at the prospect game, placing players on the trading block and even making trades at the draft. On top of that, in your role of team guru, you will hire staff to help with your team, complete various tasks like scouting a forward in Russia for four weeks, and you even have the option to draft the entire league from scratch via fantasy draft (playing with or without the NHL salary cap).

All the while, everything you do will be tracked on a GM tracker screen. This screen will give your team overall grades on everything from offense and defense to goaltending and toughness and will also be the place to find your list of tasks. The more tasks you complete, the more task points you earn, and through those points you'll be able to upgrade your staff to improve your team. Earn enough points throughout your career and you'll become a Legend GM.

Another aspect at play throughout the mode is your GM reputation. Reputation points will increase if you make fair offers for free agents and to other GMs in trade negotiations. On the flip side, opposing general managers and potential free agents will not want to deal with you if your reputation is questionable, making it even more difficult for you to build a winning team.