Dupree: "Don't count us out just yet"

Editor's note: Sky forward Candice Dupree will write a blog for ESPN.com throughout the 2008 season.

Hey everybody, it has been awhile since my last entry. Unless you've been under a rock, you know that we hit a rough patch our last several games. And sharing my thoughts with you all under that kind of stress would have been inappropriate reading.

Now, don't get me wrong. As professionals we are programmed to "move on" from games rather quickly. The WNBA season is short and back-to-back games are very common, so there is no time to sulk.

But it's tough. At the beginning of the season, the possibilities for the Sky were endless. We started off a little shaky, though. Then Sylvia Fowles went down with her [knee] injury.

We just haven't hit our stride as a team yet. Our record [4-9] is not indicative of the talent that we have, and I'm confident that we will go on a nice run before it's all said and done.

So don't count us out just yet. We beat a very good Detroit team on our home floor the other night and hopefully we can build on that success. That was a huge win for us, not just for our morale, but because we conquered all of the things that had prevented us from winning the games we've lost this season.

Wow, that was like watching the first 15 minutes of the nightly news, wasn't it? Just depressing. On a lighter note, we did manage to have some good times during our West Coast road trip.

Our PR person, Ronnie, has been video blogging, vlogging, vblogging -- or whatever you want to call it -- our team this season. Because of her, everyone now knows that I have nice little around-the-house-voice. But what people really don't know about me is that I am a Master Whistler! I've always been known to have a mean whistle game, and I will challenge anybody to duel. The last person that tried to challenge me got their feelings hurt. To this day, she still can't put her lips together and blow out anything but air when she's around me. Who wants some?!

So, we're off on another road trip now. This week, we have three games, with one coming against Atlanta on Saturday. Our mind-set is 3-0. Keep supporting us. I know it can be tough as a fan to support your team when it is down, but you all are very important to our team success and the success of this league.