2012 Real Street: Chad Tim Tim

Chad Tim Tim's entry into the X Games 2012 Real Street, all-video, all-street skateboarding contest.

Long Beach, Calif. local Chad Tim Tim is one of the most enjoyable and stylish street skaters you'll ever see. He's a veteran of the game but always has new and refreshing tricks -- Tim Tim never disappoints. His cool-cruising "Travel Well" video that Element Skateboards released earlier this year personified Tim Tim's mellow roll. It looks like Tim Tim is going for gold in this year's Real Street so go VOTE!

ESPN.com: What's going on, Chad?
Tim Tim: Oh, not much, just getting some food and finishing up filming a Remind Insoles commercial.

Brian Gaberman

Chad Tim Tim switch flips over a fire hydrant and sidewalk.

How many times did you vote for yourself for Real Street?
Just once a day -- ha ha!

Did you vote for anyone else in Real Street?
Yeah, I voted for Collin Provost, Daryl Angel, Joey Pepper and Bobby Worrest.

Whose part did you enjoy the most?
I enjoyed Joey Pepper's the most. Just him skating down the street was enjoyable to me.

Who do you think will win?
I have no idea. I have no idea what people are into right now. If I was a judge I would vote for Joey Pepper to win.

Who do you think might win the fan favorite?
I think it's between Nyjah and Haslam.

It's rad to see Element get so behind you for Real Street. What happens if you and Nyjah have to battle it for the win?
I think Nyjah will win that one -- he has a huge fan base.

How long did you film with Ricki [Bedenbaugh] for this year's Real Street?
Just whenever he had free time and not working on Etnies projects. I think we met up once a month over a nine-month period.

What do you like about Real Street compared to other skate contests out there?
I like that there are not set obstacles. Real Street is what you want to make it of it.

Would you enter Real Street again?
Yeah, for sure.

I read on the message boards that people think you are getting better with age.
Ha ha! That's awesome. I guess I'm like some fine wine or scotch.

Do you think you will be just as smooth at 45?
I don't know. If my body stays together, I hope.

Who do you think is the oldest pro that still looks good on his board?
Lance Mountain and Ray Barbee for sure.

If you win $50,000 or $100,000, if you sweep Real Street, what would you do with the cash?
If the kids want to go to college, I would just pay for it now. If not I'll just hold onto it and lock it up.

Brian Gaberman

Smooth as silk, Chad Tim Tim frontside wall-rides on a quarter-pipe to wall.

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