Life After the Double

Tim Mutrie

Levi LaVallee was back out on the track just after noon today. Brap, brap.

Tim Mutrie

Riders who pull no hander backflips rely on jury-rigged stirrups like this one on Hoyer's sled.

Tim Mutrie

The BAR flip club now includes Parsons, Frisby, Blaze and Bodin.

Tim Mutrie

A Justin Hoyer set list duct taped to the dash.

Epicenters of discomfort for Levi LaVallee this morning include ankle, knee and butt cheek. That was the short report from LaVallee after he emerged from his trailer before noon today for the second hour of another Freestyle practice session. He was greeted with congratulations and questions from fellow riders like Justin Hoyer and Cory Davis and friends.

"Hardest landing of my life," LaVallee told the group. "I'm glad I'm still walking here."

LaVallee was his happy-go-lucky self otherwise. "I can't believe I've gotta get back out riding now," he said with a laugh.

Daniel Bodin, meanwhile, joined the BAR flip club this morning. Now four riders have flipped the big one -Frisby, Parsons, Blaze and Bodin.

"I had to get that one out of the way, you know," said Bodin. "We've got four guys flipping the big one now and I think more guys can do it. They just have to do it."

Freestyle riders - the big event is tomorrow - have enjoyed more practice time on course this year than the previous two years of WX Freestyle. And it's starting to show.

"This year the course is way easier than it was last year. And it's faster and you can choose different lines. It's just way better this year. I love the track. Everything is the same level and everything is so much easier with timing all the hits. I love it," said Bodin.

Despite all the practice sessions, there's a sense on course that some riders are still holding some tricks back from public display.

"I'm sure all of us have something in our sleeves, you know, for you. At least I've got something," said Bodin. When pressed, he acknowledged it's a flip variation.

Has anyone seen it yet? "Yes, they've seen it," said Bodin. "But they've not seen it this year."

Meanwhile, SnoCrossers hit the track for practice later this afternoon with the LCQ and Final slated for tonight. Brap, brap.